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whenever you print on the alv grid, the printer settings come up, you can see the parameters which also include the line width and columns size. You can default them, if you maintain the same in your user settings i.. SU This will list out all output devices configured in SAP system. Click on Create button to add new printer. In Device Attribute Screen below, put name of Output device, Device type, Device Class, Model and Location of Printer. In Access method screen, select Host Spool Access Method and Host Printer Setting Up or Changing a Printer in Windows: Following these quick steps will allow you to set up a printer in Windows for the first time or choose a default printer. What you select here determines the printer that SAP uses. 01. From the . Windows Menu. choose . Devices and Printers. How to Configure SAP to Use Your Local Printer. Process Double click on the word format then click settings. If your screen doesn't have format on the print ALV list, click on the box next to show selected print parameters on initial scree How to Set a Default Printer in SAP Business Client Open SAP and log in. In the Transaction Code text box enter su3, then click the checkmark to the left. The Maintain User Profile window will appear

Occasionally, you need to change the default printer in SAP. It's super easy and we're going to show you how! Once you have logged on to SAP,click on: System; User Profile; Own Data The window below will pop up. Click on the Defaults tab to display the screen below and change the L# in Output Device field Output Device is the name of device in which users print out their report/form. To get more knowledge about SAP Printing user guide and its setup please refer to SAP Library Help. Always Create / Add New SAP Printer Output Device in Development, after that you have to transport the configuration to QA and production To access the pretty print settings simply choose the main menu option Utilities->Settings Then within the next screen, you need to choose tab 'ABAP Editor' and then 'Pretty Printer' in the subsection. Here you can select your desired code layout from the available indent and uppercase/lowercase option

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11. Enter a short description of the printer in the Location field, e. g. Printer in IS Dept. by Stephanie Engel's Office (DPLASER). 12. Click the Save pushbutton (icon with yellow folder) to save the definition. Changing a Printer in SAP. To change an existing printer in SAP The default SAP output device is the print queue to which your SAP documents will print unless otherwise specified. To set your default SAP output device, using SAPgui: Follow the menu path System > User Profile > Own Data. Select the Defaults tab. In the Spool Control section, locate the Output Device field, and enter your preferred SAP print. If the printer you prefer to use is set up with an SAP print queue, you can configure SAPgui to send print jobs directly to this 3- or 4-letter print queue. Jobs will be spooled directly from the SAP back-end system to the printer queue

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  1. Setting Up Local Printers Use Local printing is the most reliable and often the fastest method to transfer data from the SAP system to the host spool system, as the SAP spool server (application server with a spool work process) is in the same host system as the host spool system (operating system spooler)
  2. SAP does NOT SUPPORT direct access to network printer using access method 'U'. This means same IP address is used for both 'Host printer' and 'Destination host' in SPAD. Please see screen shots for the setting example. The devices designated as network printers attempt to simulate a host spool system as per RFC1179. However, this does not.
  3. Setting Up Printing Capabilities in SAP; Setting Up Printing Capabilities in SAP. First, Establish the Default Printer. Ensure you have your ticket and then open SAP and your system selection (PRD, PPT, etc). Click on System > User Profile > Own Data.
  4. Printer in SAP System : W e can configure a printer in sap in 2 different manners. Either you use LOCD (device type:SNI9014 for Dot-Matrix) or LOCL (device type:SAPWIN for HP or others) with Host Spool Access Method set to F:Printing on Frontend Computer and Host Printer set as __DEFAULT

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Pretty Printer Settings in SAP GUI for ABAP Developer SAP provides tools like Pretty Printer for ABAP programmers that they can use for more readable code and beautify their ABAP programs with a single click on ABAP code editor tools. ABAP programmers can configure Pretty Printer settings according to their preference using the Setting utilities SAP Help Portal SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform To use the printer's page layout, select Specify printer settings, and select Default printer or Specify the printer. If you chose Specify the.

When you print smart form through LOCAL, the system sends the request to the printer using the Printer Driver installed on your PC. Printer name goes through the printer driver defined on the application server and linked to the printer in transaction SPAD. Based on SAP versions, these can be called with different print control characters Setting your Print Output Settings: Print output settings are often used incorrectly between ABAP Lists, SAPScript and Smartforms. If you wish to set, for example, duplex printing or use tray selection from SAP, then the following rules should be observed. For printing SAPScript, the print mode must be defined in the actual form itself. This is. If printer configuration data is also exported, the generated file is incompatible with older SAP systems (see SAP Note 1040202). Continue? 5. Save the export file (text format file) in your local computer. Please be noted, some of SAP component (ECC, R/3) will asking for location to save the export file

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Note Slip printers that are connected to SAP Customer Checkout via the JPOS interface must be fully set up and configured before you can use them successfully via the print settings. Select the Paper size , Print driver , Print language type , and the Printer to be used for the basic configuration One of the following printer settings is available for printing using print requests: transferred in the Customizing activity Transfer and Activate Printers for Print Requests to a print station and an SAP spool output device. The printer drivers must correspond to or be compatible with the drivers for the SAP spool output devices.. the print job can be set to your computer's default printer, even if it doesn't have its own SAP print queue, using the %FE1, MLOC, or WLOC queues. Printing Reports With Multiple Pages Per Sheet If you want to print your SAP reports to your computer's default printer, you should use %FE1 as your default output device under most circumstances

Zebra Printers are mostly used to have a label printing. Once you select the respective printer which will be suitable for your requirements then follow the process for configuration in SAP. Step 1 : Have the following details handy for the hassle free configuration, 1. Printer Name/ IP Address. 2. Print Serve When i give print from SAP, am not getting print from my local printer, even though the spool is showing successfully completed. I have tried SAPWIN and frontend print under device type and access method.Is there any way to take print from SAP to my local printer. 14 May 2020 at 22:0 In the Access Method tab, define the Host Spool Access Method - You can refer to SAP Printing Access Method article and choose the best suited printing for your environment. Define the Host printer (put the value as printer's IP address or _DEFAULT)

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  1. Print output settings are often used incorrectly between ABAP Lists, SAPScript and Smartforms. If you wish to set, for example, duplex printing or use tray selection from SAP, then the following rules should be observed. For printing SAPScript, the print mode must be defined in the actual form itself. This is outlined in the SAP note 96102
  2. Setting the Print Parameters. Print Parameters. Whenever you print, the system asks you to enter print parameters or confirm the default parameters. Here you can specify what printer you want to use, enter a name and title for the spool request and set the output format
  3. Device type SWIN is used for front-end printing. Location = Room + Building where printer is located. Spool Server :-It is a SAP Application server with Spool work process or logical server name. Lock Printer in SAP system Output request for printers for which this indicator is selected are created but not transferred to the printer
  4. Do not directly address network printers with access method 'U' from the SAP system. This is also not supported. The best solution is to use access method 'L' on UNIX or 'C' on NT/AS400. The printers are then defined remotely in the relevant host spool system
  5. Expand the Cover Sheets section, and select SAP Cover Sheet. In the bottom panel, select Do Not Print. Select the Specifications button. Next to Field Default value, select the pencil icon to change the setting. Select Do Not Print. Select the green check mark. Select the Copy settings button. Select the green check mark 3 times to close the 3.
  6. If your printer is using UPE, the following will happen: As soon as there is a character in the document that does not exist in the code page of the printer device type, the SAP spool will - by means of the URDT - extract precisely that part of the TrueType font and include it in the print data

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  1. You find the settings in the print control under the items 'Assignments -> Print code -> Movement type' and 'Print control -> Multiple processing'. 2
  2. SAP by default maintains the local printer device for taking the printout of good receipt slip for a particular plant and corresponding storage location for a default condition type in print plant parameters
  3. g under SD module (Sales & Distribution).TNAD7 is a SAP standard pooled table used for storing Output Control: Printer per Storage Location related data in SAP
  4. SAPWIN - SAPWIN is a generic device type for printers (or fax devices) configured to print from Windows PCs by means of the SAP System program SAPLPD 1 using Windows printer drivers. SAPWIN device types use the ISO 8859-1 (aka Latin 1) character set
  5. changes the printer settings for the CRViewer object. The codes returned from the API vary from printer to printer and are not the same as the constants used by Crystal Reports so another function will be needed to to translate the codes returned by WINSPOOL onto the Crystal Reports constants

computer in an SAP system. This can be display screens, printers, fax machines and archiving devices. SP01 Output Controller transaction SPAD Spool Administration transaction Software Requirements Print Options for SAPscript and SAP Smart Forms (POSS) is available for SAP systems based on SAP Web AS 6.20, SAP NetWeaver 2004 and SAP NetWeaver 7. Set the default printer in SAP to %FE1, so that it will print to the default printer. (this setting used to be %WIN, and is no longer limited to PCs) To do this: From the System menu>>User Profile>>Own Data; Select the Defaults tab. For output device, enter %FE1; Use the Save icon to save the change; Set the default printer for the machine.

In the other tabs, please leave the default settings and press save which creates an output device How to take a print in SAP ? To take the printout, goto any transaction and after listing the contents, click on printer icon to view the below screen. In the above screenshot, select the output device (i.e new device that is created now) as belo supported. This setting should not be changed. SAP Default printer 5. The Output Device is the most important default setting for you to review, as this is the name of the printer to which your SAP printouts will be sent. When your SAP profile was initially set up, if your default printer was known, it was entered here

Prerequisites: Printer need to be configured in SAP by BASIS team. Following are the step by step configurations for printing a pick list from a transfer order. Transfer order gets printed from the print code assigned in Warehouse management movement type. There are following important configurations that have to be configured for printing pick. How to copy printer settings in SAP . 04/02/2013 [D_A] HOWTO, SAP, 0. 1. Log on to any client in the appropriate SAP system. 2. Go to transaction SPAD. 3. On the Spool Administration: Initial Screen screen, under theDevices/servers tab click the Output devices button Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube SAP Printer Setting Transaction Codes: SPAD — Spool Administration, SU01 — User Maintenance, SE38 — ABAP Editor, SM37 — Overview of job selection, MIGO — Goods Movement, NACE — WFMC: Initial Customizing Screen, and more. View the full list of TCodes for Printer Setting TSP01 - Assignment of printers to terminals---Parameter ID for output type . I have set up some kind of output type for printing billing document. And now I want to set up this output type to be automaticaly inserted into billing document according settings in customer master data

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  1. The settings that have to be made to define a new font for an R/3 device type (in other words, a new printer font) that can be used to output SAPscript documentation. You want to use a new font on the printer
  2. SAP Settings. To configure SAP to print using non-SAPWIN drivers, pleae do the following: There are a wide range of possible printers to use with a Mobile device. In our example, we are going to set up a Zebra Label printer IBM 850 to use with our device. Log into SAP and go to the 'SPAD' transaction. The following screen will appear: Click on.
  3. istration (tr-cd: SPAD) if that printer device type is Japanese print capable device type (e.g. SAPLPD for.
  4. ation, but also through SAP's 'special' label printing set up. This post is about the last. If you're not sure what I'm talking about check out the below screen shot of the labeling settings in the materia

Explain in details the setting for printing shop floor papers with header and components with goods issue slip and confirmations slips. In OPK8 : Name of the list - LG01, LG03, LK02, LV02. Spool parameters - User and plant = * Reference operation - type - *, ref order = your order type. Forms - LG01 - PSFC_OBJECT-LIST. LG03 - PSFC_ZUGL-LIS Printing to External System via RDI − You can flag a form for external printing in SAP system and if you don't select this customizing setting, application settings are applied on the forms. Form Definition in External System − For each form that is to be printed in the external text system, you have to define the form definition in the.

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The Host printer setting can be either F or __default. If F is selected, the SAP system will look for a setting that matches the printer driver name in the Windows Printer folder on the client workstation. Selecting __default causes the system to default automatically to the Windows default printer The SAP Printer Long Name YPCC - Default Windows Printer will be shown. Check the and save your settings by selecting . Step Aiii4. You're sent back to the SAP Easy Access Menu and can verify that you've saved your SAP Default k printer in SAP? in the transaction box and hit the Enter key on you 9. Is the printer determination set correctly? If the system cannot find a printer no output record is generated. See checklist 2. Checklist 2: Check printer determination Customizing. 1. Which printer do you want to use? Printer: _____ Is the printer defined in the MM-IM Customizing? (Customizing MM-IM > Print Control > General Settings. Captured by orchestratea

sap-basis@groups.ittoolbox.com. To Eric Griscom/Richmond/IBM@IBMUS cc. Subject [sap-basis] Backup and restore Printer Settings before and after client copy. Hi, May I know how to take a backup of all the printers settings before performing a client copy on the target system and later restore the setting after the client copy is performed Go to Utilities--> Settings. Choose ABAP Editor tab. Under ABAP Editor, Choose Pretty Printer tab In that Select the Check Box Indent Test each printer drivers in MS Windows, and either re-install or uninstall the one that are causing the issue. In MS Windows, go to 'Control Panel > Printer and faxes' Then click on 'File > Server Properties' and go to the 'Drivers' tab. It should display all the installed printer drivers on the machine The documents apply to Crystal Reports 2013 and SAP Crystal Reports, Developer Version for Visual Studio .NET only. Overview. Crystal Reports uses printer drivers to construct it'd design pane. Due to this printer dependency, when reports are deployed to other computers, the print and view may not be as expected

There are two methods directly supported by Zebra that one can use when printing to Zebra printers from an SAP System. NOTE Both methods provide the ability to print Unicode characters. SAP Smart Forms (or Smartforms): drivers or device types for this method are provided as part of the SAP implementation Once try with above setting. Regards.. Praveen. On 4/18/08, Pranay Suryawanshi via sap-basis <sap-basis@groups.ittoolbox.com> wrote: > > > > > > Sir, > Scenario: > I am using EPSON LQ 2180 dot matrix printer with the standard 8 INCHES > width and 12 INCHS height printer paper. SAP 4.7 C. > I want to print a MB90 print with the page size of 8. www.erpsurvivalguide.ca Set up default values for fields in SAP. You need the parameter ID and the value you want to default

How to Setup a default printer in SAP System. 1. Enter the transaction SU3. 2. The following screen appears. choose Edit Option to make changes. 3. Choose the Defaults Option. Select Spool control Output Device Execute (F4) and Choose the Frontend Printer already created. 4. Save and Exit. now, the default printer is assigned to. The page length settings in the INIT action for DINA4 can be used as the default setting for these control commands. All settings there are normally marked with a comment. Your printer manual will tell you how the control sequences should look. Note on configuring the page length: For most printers, the page length is set up in Number of lines For instructions on how to install or configure device types for PCL3 or host-based printers, go to SAP printing with PCL3 or host-based printers. In the SAP System, the device type consists of all the attributes defined for an output device. For correct access, these must be made known in the SAP System. They cover aspects such as control. OMBR SAP tcode for - General Print Settings. Here we would like to draw your attention to OMBR transaction code in SAP.As we know it is being used in the SAP MM-IM (Inventory Management in MM) component which is coming under MM module (Material Management).OMBR is a transaction code used for General Print Settings in SAP

To resolve this issue, change the default paper size of your printer: Click Start, point to Settings, and the click Printers. Right-click the appropriate printer, and then click Properties. Click the Paper tab, and then click the paper size you want to use in the Paper Size box. Click OK, and then close the Printers folder. Statu Printer model/family (more information about this below). The device type SWIN transfers the SAP system format to the Microsoft Windows printer driver. This is useful, for example, if various printers are used for front end printing in a Microsoft Windows environment. 4) Spool server SAP application server with spool work processes or logical. Before finsih the configuration we can give the test print for the newly configured printer to test the printer. Click on Finish to complete it, now you can see the printer in Devices and Printers of Control Panel. Configuring printer in SAP (SPAD): 1) Go to transaction SPA Content repository A2 is default present in the system and is used in the example below. A2 is pointing towards the SAP database for storage. For productive use a SAP content server in stead of SAP database. Customizing for print list archiving. In the following customizing path you find all the actions required for the print list archiving SAP Printer Set Up Go to your Project Group folder on the S: drive and run the rdxx_Printers_Win7.vbs file. This will set up all the printers you need, for your work group, including setting the default printer. Print queues are profile specific. If you log onto someone elses computer, you will need to add print queues

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Pretty Printer is a code beautifier provided for source codes in SAP ABAP programs. The source code in ABAP, although stored in the database in the same manner as in ABABP Editor, is not standardized automatically. Pretty Printer helps to standardize the layout of the program. The functionality provided by Pretty Printer helps in arranging the. Epson is proud to be a gold-level participant in the SAP ® Printer Vendor program. Thanks to our ESC/P, PCL and PostScript compatible emulations, it provides smooth connection between SAP and selected Epson's business range of printers. Epson's SAP-compatible device provides access to advance printing features. Epson SAP-compatible device. In Host Printer you can attach default printer of the machine where user has logged in, by writing __DEFAULT. Check or uncheck No Device Selection at Frontend as per requirement. host spool access method = S: Print using sap protocol host printer = printer name which is given by you destination host = ip address of the printer SAP Function /SPE/GET_PRINTER_SETTINGS - Find printer settings for NAST entry and printer profil

About this page This is a preview of a SAP Knowledge Base Article. Click more to access the full version on SAP ONE Support launchpad (Login required). Search for additional results. Visit SAP Support Portal's SAP Notes and KBA Search SAP SETUP AND NAVIGATION Page 7 of 16 1/9/2014 PRINTER SETUP Some SAP windows will allow you to print. However, your software must be set up to do this. Follow these steps: Click on the word System from the main SAP menu. Choose User Profile - Own Data Click on the middle tab called Defaults Local printer setu SAP system to the printer in order to generate the label afterwards. The printer must have set the SBPL standard code to Disabled in CL4NX's application settings and the all / , * and = characters must remain in the .ITF file when sending the data from SAP. The above mentioned characters must be remove Spool related Spool related: How to add/change/delete a printer: 1)Add a Printer (Defining an R/3 printer device): 1. Log on to any client with your username and password in the SAP system. 2. Type SPAD in the command box on upper left corner and press enter key 3. It will take yo

Make the basic settings for correspondence in the Financial accountingglobal settings Implementation Guide. You can find more detailedexplanations on the standard settings further on in this programdocumentation. Defining forms Forms must be defined and activated in the system so that you can printthe required letters After you create output device, sometimes you need to assign your own SAP device type, so when you modify it you will not change the original device type. It's common that in SAP Printing you make modification in your printer setting. It's better to copy the original to your own device type. 1. Goto SPAD or men Setting up the SAP Unix Network Printer. For a network group of printers, I prefer type U. The reason for this? Well, when a print out is handed over to a remote print server and the user wants to cancel the print, then it can be done by their local IT support and I am not required to intervene Dear Reader,Main Target of the Printer Vendor program is to provide SAP customers a mapping from a printer model to a working device type for this printer model.The printer model and device type (developed under SAP Printer Vendor program) combinations listing is now available via the SAP Printer Vendor Directory at the location: www Printing from an SAP system can be a critical business activity for SAP customers; a delayed or defective document can impact a company's business operations. In addition, with thousands of printer models available and manufacturers continually adding new models to this $100 billion market, it is a challenge for customers to determine the right choice

Output Management for SAP - How it can help you. Our output management for SAP provides the following: More transparency - track the actual status of your print jobs at any time; Create barcodes without cost-intensive add-on printer modules; Print SAP forms with diverse country-specific character sets; Avoid complex and inflexible form generatio For instructions on how to install or configure device types for PCL3 or host-based printers, go to SAP printing with PCL3 or host-based printers. In the SAP System, the device type consists of all the attributes defined for an output device. For correct access, these must be made known in the SAP System. They cover aspects such as control. The printers entered in the selection screen will then be searched in these database tables. The result will be a list of Table that was assigned with the default SAP Printer. Mainly these two tables will get you the schedule job name that you need to changed: TBTCP - Background Job Step Overview Procedure to add Printer in SAP for direct printing from SAP transaction - [Instructor] Setting up the default printer in SAP in the user profile default screen is really helpful to get physical outputs from our system, and it's one of the first things to do when.

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Turn on/off closed captioning and choose how it appears on screen and change your SAP video description : Audio/Video - Adjust the screen resolution, change your audio output settings and more: Restrictions - Turn on/off parental controls and/or your purchase PIN and set up restrictions: Preferences - Turn on/off caller ID on your TV, pair your. Please help me how to set up for A3 printing in SAP. Ps. Do I need to assign A3 format to be default format in that printer? Is this task for BASIS or ABAP? Bankly. In printer settings - SPAD - tray info - you can give the Page format for that tray . did you try setting that ? Try setting DINA3. Liju. Go to START --> SETTINGS ---> Printers SAP allows you to print the SAP screen on the Windows platform using the Customize Local Layout button A hardcopy of the SAP screen is immediately printed on your default printer. The other way to print a screen in SAP: Printing in SAP You can make hard copies of the lists, tables, and reports. Most SAP screens gives you a Print button. In. It is comparable to Output Determination Using the Condition Technique in the SAP Business Suite. There are multiple determination steps in OPD. It includes determination step of Output Type , Receiver , Channel , Printer Settings , Email Settings , Email recipient , Form template and Output relevance for Billing Document

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Smart Forms Industrial Bar Code Printer Support (ZPL II) SAP AG has, for the first time, added true support for native bar code printers in mySAP Business Suite. This printer support, along with the BRL, now allows SAP users to easily implement industrial mission-critical bar code label printing without the additional cost of middleware If you don't know how to enhance the pretty printer function to call this code then you probably shouldn't be messing with it. Note that after enhancing the PRETTY_PRINTER function SAP will dump any open ABAP source that other programmers may be working on. Best to do this early or late in the day or you will hear a lot of complaining.. In the print queue windows Printer menu, select Properties. In the printers Properties dialog box, on the Advanced tab, set the Available time interval for the printer. If you want quick access to these various printer configurations, click on the Add Printer icon and use the Add Printer Wizard to install another copy of your printer PurposePrinting Crystal Reports is a series of documents that explain how Crystal Reports behaves when viewing, exporting and printing. The series is authored by Donald Williams and Ludek Uher, both Senior Support Engineers at AGS Product Support. The do -HP Jet Direct printers w/ TCP/IP settings as static-One Xerox WorkCenter w/ static TCP/IP settings. I'm not very well versed in the SNMP protocol, but we had a recent security audit that suggested it be disabled on all of my printers. I went to the web interface of the printers and found the SNMP v1,v2 and v3 settings and disabled them

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SAP Setting a Default Printer | Central Michigan University. Cmich.edu This procedure shows you how to set up a default SAP network printer. Users that have access to more than one printer may override their default printer settings when printing by simply entering in another available printer number. Log On to SAP How to add a printer. 1. Log on to any client with your username and password in the SAP system. 2. Type SPAD in the command box on upper left corner and press enter key 3. It will take you on the Spool Administration screen: under the Devices/servers tab click the Output devices button. 4

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Sap change hardcopy settings in Title/Summary. Smart Organizing Monitor enables you to view and change printer settings, check supply levels, etc. from your computer, as well as print configuration and test pages.You can also use Smart Organizing Monitor to check printer status. Supported operations: displaying printer status or settings. This is CCR_SAP Printer Settings_New Demo by Development and Improvement on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them Once you change the parallel port setting, follow the steps below this table to enable DMA transfer. Note: Before you run the BIOS Setup program, uninstall the printer software using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. After running the BIOS Setup program, reinstall the printer software The Need for Spool Administration: The SAP system has a printing architecture that needs close administration and monitoring. It is organized in such a way that when users send a print job in the system, the spool work process prepares data in the spool request and generates output requests that contains the formatting details of the printer

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Tear Off: The label stops with the top of form at the tear bar.This allows for the gap to rest on the tear bar for easy tearing. Rewind: Disables backfeed and is typically used when the printer has the Rewind Spindle Option ; Peel Off: Used when the printer is equipped with the Peel Off Option.It enables take label sensors to detect a peeled label Alternatively, you can assign the default format to the printer which will affects to all users that using the printer. To do this, execute transaction code SPAD, enter the output device name and press Enter.Next, jump to Tray Info (as below screenshot) and define the Page Format accordingly to the Tray (if there are trays on the printer). Finally, save your changes SAP Spool Administration The device type indicates the type of printer to be addressed. When you define an output device, choose the name of the device type that was defined in the SAP System for your printer model. SAP provides Generic (device-independent) device types like SAPWIN, SWINCFCetc for OS MS Windows Adjust SAP Font & Size Settings. Posted by ITsiti — December 16, 2013 in SAP BASIS — Leave a reply. Open the Options from the SAP Logon. Click on the Font Settings under the Visual Design. Click on the Select button to list out the fonts available. You can select the fonts and sizes from here. FYI, there are not many fonts selection.

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• Create and configure an output device in SAP. Creating a local StreamServe printer Add a new local printer by clicking Add a printer in the Devices and Printers dialog in Windows, and specify the following: Note: In this example, Windows 7 is the OS. Setting Value What type of printer do you want to install? Add a local printer You also have the peace of mind of knowing that you can contact SAP for support regarding any device type issues. As an active member in the SAP Printer Vendor program, Xerox keeps device types current and in line with SAP release updates. The device types developed by Xerox are available for the legacy R/3 system and newer ERP releases all the. Hi Prajaval, You might need to do a little pre-setup on the printer before using SAP to print. I would recommend using the Printer Setup Utilities | Zebra application to setup the print settings to your label size. I'm not sure which settings the Device Type YZB200 is setting, so I can't tell you much about how to fix it from there. It may be using some of the printer defaults which is why. All settings on printer and document and print previews are showing Portrait, but it ends up printing landscape. I will try removing printer and reinstalling, but this just happened and has not happened before. I unistalled and re-installed a couple ot times. No luck. Reply 1 person found this reply helpful.

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