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The fix: Your straps need to be tightened, or you need a more narrow strap. Be sure to tighten your straps every month or so. Elastics stretch out over time and need to be tightened to maintain.. One of the world's unsolved mysteries: why your bra straps keep slipping off no matter what you do. Are your straps slipping all the time? Conventional wisdom from bra fitters and experts will tell you to tighten the straps and, if that doesn't work, just keep trying on more bras. It's not bad advice I discovered a quick and easy way to fix your bra strap from sliding. All you need is sissors and bread twisty ties.So it's quick simple and affordable.Actua..

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Seeing how the bra back looks and fits will greatly help you in finding the right bra to solve your problem of slipping bra straps. The good news is that HerRoom photographs every bra with a back view. And, what's even better is that while you are looking at a selection of bras at HerRoom, if you'll scroll down, you will see a link. But besides bra clips, there is a king in keeping your bra straps hidden with a 100% assurance, this is more or less the perfect solution if you are opting for clips. It's the common strap tamers and you should really opt for that if it's something you're comfortable with. No matter what type of fabric you are wearing, this is a perfect. Alternatively try bra accessories to help pull the straps together and avoid slipping. Our Braza Happy Straps are terrific. They hook your straps without putting pressure on your neck and shoulders. If you still find that your bra straps are slipping down, we recommend that you visit a professional bra fitter for advice Strap Gummy is a silicone strip specially designed with a high coefficient of friction to prevent strap slips. Simple friction keeps your strap in place on your shoulder. Strap Gummy will adhere to virtually any flat strap. It works on handbag straps, backpacks, bra straps, diaper bags, etc #2 You need to change your bra style. Despite getting the size right, you could still suffer from loose bra straps. Because if you are wearing the wrong bra style that doesn't account for your shoulder width, breast firmness and fullness, then you could experience slipping straps too


  1. To keep bra straps hidden, I have recommended the double stick tape (sometimes called fashion tape or such) between the dress and bra strap. A better idea, that is more re-useable, would be to sew in the oval spring clip type hair clips (child sizes) with a loose tack (so it moves a bit)
  2. Cushion Your Bra Straps in Place. This works much like padded bra straps, pressing in place to prevent them from slipping off. You can find bra strap cushions in lingerie stores or sections as well. Just slip, slide, or clip them into place on the strap over your shoulder, and adjust until you're comfortable
  3. Look for the slip on a new bra strap close to the back band. You can bring the strap adjuster to the middle part of the strap as you adjust. But do all bras have this? Well, here's the explanation. Bras like the sports bra are made up of a single material. Including the straps which are cut of the same single cloth
  4. Once you get a new and properly fitted bra, you'll notice the straps will stop slipping. Pro tip: Try using shoulder pads to keep those slipping straps in place. 3. Not Wearing Your Bra Correctly If you're always in a hurry chances are that you forget to put on your bra correctly and the bra back is not in the right place

If you use a bra extender in the back fastening, the distance between the straps becomes wider as the back is extended. So, it's best to avoid bra extenders if you have problems with straps that don't stay up. It's better to get a bra with bigger band size. 4. BRA WITH NO-SLIP FUNCTION The distance varies between bra styles Changes in cup sizes occur throughout a woman's life. As your breast size changes, your straps might tend to slip. Solution: Get fitted again, maybe go up or down a cup size. Once you get a new and properly fitted bra, you'll notice the straps will stop slipping They suggested silicone cushions that your slip your strap into and said that women who'd had mastectomies etc. found they reduced the pain from shoulder straps. I bought some (they were pricey from the lingerie shop!), and they work brilliantly for me! I put them on with my bra in the morning and don't have a slipping strap all day Strap-Tamer Clips:. These strap-tamer clips attach to your shoulder seam allowance on the inside of your shirt. Your bra strap then slides into the notch, to keep it where it belongs. You can attach them with the opening facing towards your neck, to keep your straps from sliding off of your shoulders The silicone, non-slip clasp easily fastens on to most standard bra straps, and won't dig into your skin. The clasps' transparent tone means it doesn't interfere with your outfit, and you can wear it with tank tops and blouses

If you've confirmed that your bra is the correct size and your straps are appropriately tightened (the most likely problem), it's time to start looking at the design of your bra. Demi and balconette styles tend to have thin, wide-set straps tucked.. I've been fitted by three bra ladies, who all suggested I purchase bra clips that clip the straps together. I don't want to buy bra clips and add another 30 seconds to my morning routine, I want to buy a bra with straps that won't slip! Any suggestions (other than racerback or bra clips) very welcome. Price is no object If you hate hiking up your bra straps, it might be time to invest in a bra that won't slide down your shoulders. The trick is to look for styles with wide-set straps and/or a U-shaped back—these features will help the straps stay in place. Other styles feature straps with texture or non-slip backing to help keep them up Use the Strap Doctor to prevent any bra strap from slipping. Reusable and easily transferable from bra to bra. Customers also use Strap Doctor strips under wide set dance straps, or thin t-shirt or camisole straps that tend to slip off during wear

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If you mean they are loosening as in slipping off of your shoulders, it is because your bra band is too big and it rides up in the back over the course of the day. When this happens, bra straps slide of your shoulders. My suggestion is to be properly fitted in a lingerie shop (not VS nor a department store) and the problem will cease to exist Cushion Your Bra Straps in Place This works much like padded bra straps, pressing in place to prevent them from slipping off. You can find bra strap cushions in lingerie stores or sections as well. Just slip, slide, or clip them into place on the strap over your shoulder, and adjust until you're comfortable

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Stop Bra Straps From Rubbing Silicone Bra Strap Cushion, $14, A s We Change If your straps keep cutting into your shoulder, try one of these silicone covers to make things less painful. You can.. The very first thing you should check when looking into why your bra straps fall down is how tight they are. Your bra straps should be tightened to a two finger tension, any more and it could seriously hurt your shoulders by the end of the day. Any less and they'll definitely by round by your elbows before you've even left the house

To move the straps on the front of the bra, start by marking the outer edge of the desired front strap location. Do this by placing the strap on the pattern and marking the outer edge where the strap meets the upper cup. Then redraw the underarm curve on the upper cup to smoothly transition into the outer edge of the strap in its new location ManidipaM, I would say my straps are set more to the outer edge of the bra cup, but still have a bit of the problem. And if they were any wider, I think I would have a problem with them slipping off my shoulders. Kate, thanks for sharing your variety of experiences. It's good to know either the tape or the sewn-in keepers would work Sew the front part of your bra (the boundaries of the pad) to your dress. Just make sure the back of your dress covers the back of the bra. Throw your hands in the air and dance without a single worry! 6

Try on the blouse, shirt o, dress. Place a pin on both edges of the area. The bra strap should be on both shoulders. Hand-sew one side of a snap onto the shoulder seam allowance, on the outside edge of each spot marked on your bra straps If slipping straps persist even after tightening, you may have narrow or sloped shoulders, so bra straps are more prone to falling down your arm, Orit Hashay, CEO of Brayola.com, told me. Fit experts recommend tightening your straps every other month. Hashay recommends the Glamorise Elegance Front Close Underwire Bra In the past few months every bra I put on, old or new, has a problem with the straps sliding down off my shoulders. I'm now wearing about an 18E and the only way to avoid it is to get sports bras that clip in the centre back, racer style, but then the straps show under some tops. If your straps are slipping you may be in the wrong size To fix slipping straps, try tightening your bra straps if you haven't already. Straps can stretch out over time, so we suggest doing this every other month or so. If tightening your straps doesn't do the trick, take a look at the style of bra you're wearing Backless dresses are always chic - but having your bra slap bang in the middle can ruin the effect a bit. Enter the low back converter, which cleverly clips on to both sides of the fastener and..

Are your straps slipping all the time? Conventional wisdom from bra fitters and experts will tell you to tighten the straps and, if that doesn't work, just keep trying on more bras. It's not. The Fabric style of bra strap holders are usually just like your regular bra strap and will leave more room in between the straps. There are also some plastic versions of this same style. Other plastic versions come in a two varieties: a hard plastic piece in a variety of colors that is roundish in shape and pulls the straps all the way. A non slip strip and it's small size works miracles. This tiny strip attaches underneath any strap to stop slipping, sliding and falling straps. Designed to be comfortable, reusable, and easy to apply. Invented by a woman, and recommended by bra fitters Regarder en plein écran. il y a 6 ans | 225 vues. How do I stop my bra straps from slipping down my arms?

Grrr, this is driving me nuts. My bra straps are constantly slipping down or all the way off my shoulders. And it's not just bras, it happens with strappy tank tops too. I know I have the correct bra size because I was fitted at Layne Bryant about a year ago. And the straps have been slipping since I bought the bra. And every other bra I've ever owned has slipped off my shoulders Of course, you can prevent public viewing of bra straps by wearing a strapless bra, that still doesn't fix the annoying problem of the dress straps always falling down your shoulders. My bra, cami and slip straps were an issue, but never seemed to have a moment to stitch a holder under the dress strap. I had a bin of buttons at hand, and. Watch How To Stop Your Bra-Straps From Slipping Down Your Arms : How do I stop my bra straps from slipping down my arms? - VideojugBeautyandStyle on Dailymotion. Search. Library. Log in. Sign up. Watch fullscreen. 10 years ago | 3.3K views Here we try making life easy for you and bring to you few bra tricks to Prevent Bra Strap From Showing. Sewing strap holder To keep your bra straps from sliding off your shoulder and showing out, you can direct your tailor to sew in the strap holders to your shirts or kurtis to prevent the bras from peeping out from the sleeves

On the shoulder of your blouse, sew the other half of the snap and then permanently sew down the loose end. So you will now have a loop of fabric on the underside of your top that is permantly sewn.. Keep your bra straps from slipping off your shoulders! Apply a few strips of puffy paint to the underside of your strap! Saved by Shannon Sorenson Quinn. 18. Fix Bra Puffy Paint Bra Straps Women's Fashion Fashion Tips Helpful Hints Fashion Accessories Diy Projects My Style. More information... Pinterest. Today How To Stop Your Bra Straps From Slipping! June 19,2017. There's enough going on in your life right now, without the added task of pulling up your bra straps every few minutes. It's one of the most frustrating things about wearing a bra

Slipping Bra Straps: Why It Happens and How to Make It Sto

  1. Fasten both straps together (make sure you have enough strap length to still open your purse well) by placing one fastener on one strap and the mate on the other and press together with the sticky part on the purse. Cut the Velcro to fit the size of your straps if it is too big
  2. A strapless bra does things a little differently than your regular bra, and that means you need to size it a little differently. Go for a band size one size smaller than what you would normally wear. For example, if you normally wear a 34 band, your strapless bra should be a 32
  3. The goal of a sports bra is to compress the chest, reducing the amount of movement while running or playing sports. Because there is less movement, there is a smaller chance for the bra to ride up above the chest. Incorrect Bra Style. Bras are made in a variety of styles: strapless, halter, regular, one-strap and more
  4. How to stop bra straps from peering out beneath your tank top Attach sew-on snap tabs under each shoulder. This will help to keep bra straps in place and prevent them from slipping
  5. Keep bra straps hidden. Banish peekaboo bra straps by sticking them to your shirt. Apply a piece of tape to the top of your bra strap and then push it into the interior of your shirt's shoulder or.
  6. Your bra band provides 80-85% of your bra's support. You can't rely on your bra's cups or straps for support. You can't rely on your bra's cups or straps for support. Without a snug bra band, your bra will inevitably move around throughout the day - and you'll find yourself frequently adjusting it
  7. Stop Bra Straps Slipping. Source(s): https://owly.im/a0g6Z. 0 0. priyanka.chopraa. 2 decades ago. Because women are different sizes, and the cut of a dress or design of a bra varies, bra straps often peep out. Straptrap is a new design bra strap retainer that is easy to use, neat and secure

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Girls can also secure the side of their shirt that keeps falling to the bra strap on the same shoulder with a safety pin. Tighten the straps on the shirt if it is a spaghetti strap tank top. Most come with small plastic length adjusters on the backside of the shirt, but others will need to be removed from their stitching. If this is the case. Store Hours Sun 10am-6pm Mon 9am-9pm Tue 9am-9pm Wed 9am-9pm Thu 9am-9pm Fri 9am-9pm Sat 9am-9p The straps will not cut in, and they won't slip down. You may find that you have 3 different sizes in your wardrobe and this will depend on the the brand of the bra. Same brands tend to be the same size, there will be different cup sizes in European and American makes and you may need different cup and back sizes to cope with changes in your. The best choice is a longline strapless bra which gives you plenty of security, but you want to at least make sure the strapless bra is structured, has underwire, and non-slip grip on the back as well as the top of the cups. Also, properly test out your bra when you try it on, jump, sit and dance around a bit to make sure it stays in place

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If it seems like your bra straps are always slipping off you may need to consider a different style — particularly if you have narrow or sloping shoulders. The strap placement on some bras, such as balconette bras, tends to be rather far apart, which may make them feel too loose and fall off your shoulders If you have large breasts but are narrow in the shoulders it can be very difficult to get a bra that has wide enough wires to support and narrow enough straps to stay securely in place. One way that you could tackle this is by using a J-clip on your bra straps or opting for a multi-way bra where the straps can be fastened various ways You either need to tighten your straps and stop slouching or get a bra that is less prone to shoulder slipping. Consider getting a sports bra or a cotton bra with wider straps. Macy's has some good selections on bras that won't slip as easily. Here's are my top five picks for bras that won't slip: Playtex Bra, 18 Hour Original Comfort. Strap placement, both front and back, are integral to both design and how the bra functions and wears. This is obvious if you think about it. A plunge and a balconette are going to move the breast tissue in different ways and therefore push the straps that support them in different ways

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One solution for a bra band that rolls up is changing the band size. Opting for a bra in a smaller band size - and going up a cup size - can put you on the right track to getting the perfect fit. Remember: your bra size is a guide, not a set number If the red marks are only on your shoulders from the straps, try loosening the band a bit. Most of the support comes from the band, and if it's too loose, you might unknowingly be making the straps tighter to compensate for it. If that doesn't work, you might need to buy a new bra with a bigger band size, not cup size Bra Clips prevent bra straps from slipping and hides bra straps that you don't want to show! Perfect for racer-back tops and dresses, Bra Converting Clips are super strong, super discreet clips that slip over your bra straps to hide and prevent bra straps from slipping. Bra Clips also create a deeper cleavage for those girls that like a little boost and maximising the support of any bra. Our.

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Slipping Straps The fix: Tighten straps. Most of us don't consider that the straps and band on our bras tend to stretch over time, regardless of how many times we wash and dry (by mistake of course). Try tightening your straps first It's simple in theory... just sew a suspender clip to either end of a 3 inch piece of elastic and clip one to your bra band (usually just under the armpit side of the cup, but wherever you feel it riding up the most) and clip the other end to the top of your jeans, or skirt, or undies. Make one for either side of your bra to keep it in balance

20pc Bra Strap Clips For Back Conceal Bra Strap Holder Adds A Full Cup Size - Cleavage Control Keep Straps From Slipping 5StarSuperDeals 4.5 out of 5 stars (286 If you are wearing a bra, then you can attach your straps to your bra by using shoulder stays. In Australia they cost around $6.00 and you hand stitch them to the inside of the shoulder strap. This would not work for spagetti straps, but it will for all other straps Jul 2, 2018 - Explore Strap nguard's board Bra strap holder on Pinterest. See more ideas about bra strap holder, bra straps, bra

You're using bra extenders. When you expand the length of the bra back, you move the straps farther apart and closer to the edge of your arms. This increases the chances that your straps will fall off your shoulders. Your bra back is too large Don't you just hate it when you're in a meeting, and you feel the bra straps slip off your shoulders under your shirt? Then follows the awkward jiggle and tugging to subtly put the straps back in place without anyone noticing! We've all been there. But why do we put up with it? Ladies, it's time to put an end to the discomfort If your straps are still digging in, look for a bra with wider straps for more even weight distribution, especially if you have a larger bust. 3. The Problem: Your band is riding up in the back A woman has shared a clever hack to stop a strapless bra from falling down and it's been lauded as genius after going viral on social media. In the clip, TikTok user @atyasmeengarcia who uses the platform to give fashion tips shows a simple way to adjust a bra that is too big on the underbust and tends to fall down

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If you have naturally sloping shoulders, this could contribute to slipping straps consequently allow more sag. If your shoulders are rounded and sloping, try a t-back or leotard-back bra, which bring the straps closer together in the back and help prevent strap slippage. Increased bra band size but bra still too tigh A Little Extra Tucking Can go Along Way Sometimes, your other undergarments can act as an anti-roll tool, for example, transform your high-waisted panty into a full bodice by tucking the top part under your bra strap. Or layer your shapewear such as wearing a hi-waist boy short with a pair of control panties over top Turn your regular bra into a strapless bra that actually stays up. Take a regular bra strap (like an extra one from a bra with removable straps), and hook it onto the back of your bra on one side,..

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  1. Slipping bra straps is a perennial problem the world over. Some market research showed that 85% of women said a slipping bra strap was a problem and 90% thought it ruined the look of an outfit. StrapTrap works attaching the lingerie strap to the garment. In this way the garment and straps stay aligned all day
  2. A Genius Trick for Keeping Your Strapless Bra in Place So it doesn ' t end up at your belly button. By Rachel Bowie | Aug. 4, 2015. All you wanted to do was wear your cute summer sundress but you ended up spending the whole night tugging your stupid strapless bra up from around your waist. Here's how to keep that strapless bra up all night
  3. imise bra strap discomfort and pressure during sport and exercise in women with large breasts. The addition of gel pads under bra straps may also decrease discomfort and prevent straps slipping off the shoulders, although this notion warrants further investigation
  4. Hook Into Bra. Another option is to choose shapewear style that hooks into place so that you can prevent any rolling. The hook connects to your brain a different area so that it only stays in place but doesn't damage your bra as some other hooking shapewear does. Most of them have a useful attachment that easily slips on the bra
  5. However, the only complaint I have about this bra is that the strap adjusters do not stay in place. I will adjust them to my comfort level, and then over the course of a couple days of wear, they've loosened to the point of falling off my shoulder. Obviously there is some design flaw there. But I looove everything else about this bra
  6. When it comes to strapless bras, the best to look for any help holding them in place is at a bra maker. They should have some sort of adhesive that works well with your skin as well as with the fabric. One such company is Bra Maker Supply and they carry two widths of Silicone Gripper Elastic for you to use. There is the 1/2 inch version and the.

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Inevitably, the straps tend to work themselves out to near their maximum length and then slip down my shoulders. Since the adjustable bit on bra straps is ALWAYS in the hard-to-reach part of your back, this is a major annoyance 2. DIY Bra Strap Concealer. This clever clothing trick not only keeps your bra strap concealed, but also keeps your wide neck shirts from falling off of your shoulder. Smart! All it takes are a few thin strips of fabric and sew-on press studs. Check it out here

Pinch together a small piece of fabric from your shirt behind your neck, and secure it with a safety pin to create a tighter fit around your shoulder area. Girls can also secure the side of their shirt that keeps falling to the bra strap on the same shoulder with a safety pin. Tighten the straps on the shirt if it is a spaghetti strap tank top generally falling bra straps usually means the band is too large, either wrong size or worn out with lost elastic, however it also can be down to body shape as well as worn out straps. eg. a short torso can be enough to cause bra slippage problems Bra straps that are vertically orientated and wide (approximately 4.5 cm in width) are preferable for women with large breasts during sport and exercise to minimise bra strap pressure and discomfort. The addition of gel pads under bra straps may also decrease discomfort and prevent straps slipping o

The number one rule of strapless bras: Once you find one that fits you perfectly, make sure you buy it in both black and nude. Enter Aerie. This bra is lined with rubber on the inside to prevent awkward public readjustments and comes with two sets of straps in case you want to convert it to a regular style. Aerie ($37 Invisible Clear Bra Strap Non-Slip Adjustable Bra Strap Soft 2 Pair Transparent Shoulder Strap 4.1 out of 5 stars 333. £6.98 - £8.03. Glamour Secrets Racer Back Clip - Silicone Bra Strap Converter 3.5 out of 5 stars 115. £3.95. Bra Strap Holder for Women's Undergarment, Bra Cross Back Clips 15 Pieces. Hide Bra Straps. Leighton Meester - Fashion Fixers: Stylists' Secret Weapons - Look Your Best creating a racerback style that prevents straps from slipping and helps lift the breasts as well.

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  1. grippy, concealed silicone strip. prevents any strap from slipping. adheres to the underside of your strap. virtually undetectable under the strap. durable. long-lasting. simple peel-and-stick application. removable if desired. available in black & semi-clea
  2. Supplies for making bras - find bra straps, bra pads, bra clips and more! Shop a variety of bra making supplies and undergarment sewing supplies
  3. How can I stop my bra straps from slipping off? I think the problem lies with my shoulders, they're kind of narrow and sloped (I have bad posture as well and slouch so it's even more pronounced), with every bra that I own the straps fall down unless I tighten them as far as they can go but then I start to get shoulder and neck pain
  4. Here are several products that will stop your bra straps from falling. The hard plastic is sometimes uncomfortable and can easily be seen under tanks. Try the Happy Straps that are made out of the same fabric has your bra straps and are adjustable and comes in four colors including clear
  5. Your bra accessory will become one of your favorite fashion accessories with our shoulder jewelry bra straps.; The perfect bra strap solution. Just attach Strappys to your strapless, convertible bra and let your straps show, fashionably. Stop the slip-sliding strapless bra falling down by attaching our beaded, rhinestone or decorative fabric straps

Bra Theory 101: Why won't my straps stop slipping, and

And its straps are wide, adjustable, and cushioned to prevent slipping and digging. I wear a size 38DDD and needed a cheap bra that I could wear around the house or under some layers They take advantage of the availability of some bra styles that make them wear a tank top with breasts in, up and controlled and no bra straps showing. These are some of the bras. Strapless bras are constructed with bodice lined with silicon band to adhere it to the skin and prevent slipping down

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  1. How to stop a purse strap from slipping off your shoulder. Written by: Jordyn McMahon. Written on: July 14, 2020. You love the outfit, the shoes, and you would really like to love the bag, but it keeps slipping off of your shoulder and cramping your style. How to Make a Purse Out of a Bra → How to Lengthen Sandal Straps.
  2. To prevent bra straps from slipping down (very unsightly at a formal!). To temporarily hem a dress (but note — this is only a temporary fix. A real hem fix should always involve a needle and thread). To temporarily mend a ripped or busted seam (again, a real seam should always be sewn shut)
  3. Slipping straps are not only embarrassing, but potentially hazardous. Jobs that require interaction with the public on an personal level such as a doctor, dentist, hygienist, therapist, tattoo artist, or the like, cannot have a strap fall down in the middle of a treatment or appointment

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This helps to hold it up and in place. Grip strips, slip strips, stay in place waists, wonderful edge lining - they are called all sorts of things these days. It is usually a very fine line of silicone that helps the shapewear stick to your skin (not literally though). 3. IF YOU ARE PRONE TO SHAPEWEAR ROLLING DOWN CHOOSE SOMETHING WITH STRAPS Often straps are the problem children of proper bra sizing, they slip out of the top of your shirt sleeve, loosen over time or dig into your shoulders causing pain and leaving behind marks. Challenge accepted sneaky straps. Issue #1: Bra Straps Falling Dow Fits any bra strap up to 1 inch wide. You will forget you are wearing a bra! ANTI-SLIPPING - No more bra strap slippage with these strap cushions. Say goodbye to bra strap adjusting, they will not longer fall down your arm. Our silicone pads will stay securely and comfortably on your shoulders and create a nice little nest for your bra strap

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Cut two more pieces of strap elastic, each about 50cm (20″) long. Loop one end of the elastic around the bar of a slide adjuster and sew to the strap using a narrow zigzag stitch (1). Position the bra and elastic strap so the right side of the bra and wrong/plush side of the elastic are facing upward If you have hot glue, you can smear hot glue on each corner on the back side, spreading so it won't leave a bump, then when it is dry, it should grab on to the floor and help with the slipping problem Back in the 'old days' when canning jars still used rubber rings, momma would save the old broken rings, and sew those to the back side of rugs to keep them from slipping

Staysput Roll-on Body Adhesive | MG HealthcareVIDEO: Bra Strap Slipping: Why It Happens & How To Prevent It
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