The Fourth Turning quotes

We Are In A FOURTH TURNING, What Does That Mean?

The Quickening, A Fourth Turning Global Moment

  1. The Fourth Turning by Strauss & Howe - Selections and Commentary by Robert Strong, Ph.D.
  2. Theorist explains why he thinks US rolls in 80 year cycles and now is next reconstruction
  3. Podcast #236: The Fourth Turning | The Art of Manliness
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Video: Neil Howe looks at the possibility of a succession crisis in the United States

US & China War Prediction: Where and When it will happen according to Billionaire Ray Dalio

  1. PISCES | O.M.F.G! This is SO EXCITING!! YOU ARE REWARDED!! | MAY 4th - 11th
  2. The Next 50 Years│George Friedman (Geopolitical Futures, Founder and Chairman)
  3. Dollar Crash Prediction - When & How it will happen according to Billionaire Ray Dalio
  4. Neil Howe: The World Is on the Verge of Generational Crisis
  5. The book that shaped Steve Bannon's worldview
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Republicans believe every day is theSuccess is always right around the corner, most peoplePeter Lynch Quote: “All the math you need in the stock

Grant Williams Reveals the End Game for Central Bank Money Printing

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