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Shop Cards And Get Beautiful Papercraft. Shop Cards For All Your Stationery And Paper Needs Create The Perfect Personalised Card Today & Make Their Day Extra Special. Shop Now! We Specialise In Helping You Create a Memorable and Keepsake Present or Card Check NOL Card balance The Nol card is Dubai's electronic ticketing card released in August 2009. The card is a consolidated payment mode for all modes of transport in Dubai including Dubai Bus, Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, most of the taxis and fuel stations. The minimum balance required to use the NOL card for Dubai metro is AED 7.5 nol Silver Card. nol silver card is a smart card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 1000 upon registering your card. Enjoy the ease of getting this card immediately from any ticket office for only AED 25 (includes AED 19 e-purse value) The minimum card balance is 7.5 AED; The maximum top up amount is 1,000 AED for the anonymous card and 5,000 AED after registration; In order to activate the pending top up, please use your card in any online parking meter, metro gate, or Solar-Powered nol Top Up Machines after 45 minutes to 4 hour

Welcome to the Nol card website. Additional text has been added to aid users who may be using screen readers to view this site. If you are reading this text on your screen then either, the style sheet (CSS) file has failed to load, in which case you should refresh your screen or, your browser may not support style sheets You can access your silver nol card online and see nol card history and check nol card balance online in just few taps of your mobile. The card has a validity of 5 years from the date of purchase. One of the best premium nol card type in reasonable price www.nol.a Due to our recent association with Nol, we now offer you with the service to get Nol card recharge online instantly or while standing at your spot. You do not need to find the Nol card recharge machine, or go to the metro, you don't have to go to money exchange places or find any recharge shop

Also Read: How to Check Your NOL Card Balance Online The digital nol card is a more convenient version of the traditional (physical) nol card, which can also be used to pay for public transport fares, as well as other payments such as parking fees, shopping at certain retail outlets and refueling station, among other things The Nol card is the payment method used for almost all public transportation means in the emirate. Apart from the option to recharge the card at the point of departure, the top up can be done.. To travel on the metro you need to buy a NOL card or a NOL Ticket There are 5 options available, find out which one will suit you best on the next page. It's easy to buy or top-up a card, or add trips to your Red Nol ticket, just go to a ticket vending machine, ticket office or RTA authorised sales agent

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  1. The NOL Blue Card is actually a personalized smart card that you can buy for AED 70 (including AED 20 e-purse value). It offers secure online services for topping-up, and you can use it to recover your balance in case your card gets lost or stolen
  2. Nol personalized card is just for 30 AED with top-up limit of 1000 AED allow its holder a custom design to identity user nol in a glance. This card is valid and can be used at all Dubai Transport modes with validity of 5 years. To apply for personalized nol card, you need to submit online request from here. How to get NOL Card
  3. Nol card is an electronic ticket that has been introduced in Dubai for the public transport commute. You can use Nol card to travel by all modes of public transport in Dubai like metros, buses, trams etc., Nol card can also be used to pay for parking in Dubai. Different types of Nol cards are available lik
  4. Nol Cards. Passengers pay with Nol Cards; contactless smart cards. Different types of card are available to meet individual passenger needs. Cards must be purchased before travel. Red Tickets - Ideal for tourists and occasional users that can be loaded with up to 10 trips or 5 daily passes. Silver NOL Cards - Suitable for residents and.
  5. You can also top up your Nol card online. It is particularly useful for disabled, student or senior citizen travel as then you can be charged the correct reduced fare. The blue Nol card costs 70 dirham which includes a 20 dirham fare credit and is also valid for 5 years. If you are registered disabled with a Blue Nol card then all travel is free

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Buy your Dubai SIM Card & NOL Metro Card online, exclusively on Headout and have your travel and talktime needs sorted before you step foot in the city! Choose a local sim with data and free calls that suit your budget. Make payments at over 1,000 outlets like Zoom shops, Burger King and Circle K across the city.. Nol Cards Guide | Check Nol Card Balance Online in 2 Minutes Nol Card is not just a public transport card but it is now become a multi-purpose payment card which can be used at more than 2,000 outlets. You can buy your food, drinks, grocery and even can use your RTA nol card for fuel Go to the RTA website. Click the Check Nol Balance button. Enter the Nol card ID found on the backside of your card and click the Search button. As you can see, learning how to check Nol card balance online is a matter of three simple steps, and all you need is a web browser and internet connection

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The RTA currently offers 158 different type of services online, including driving licence renewal, vehicle registration, application for no-objection certificates, applying for Blue Nol cards, etc www.nol.ae - How to Transfer Nol Credit from One Card to Another Card Admin 3:03 PM www.nol.ae is the official website of Nol Card. Nol Card is a smart card issued by Roads and Transport Authority of Government of Dubai which enables People in to pay for using of various RTA transport Services in Dubai

RTA NOL Cards Provide by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority,The NOL Cards is a electronic ticketing card that was released in all of the public transport Du.. Hello guys, In this video I'm showing you How to check Nol card balance & history. For your information The Nol Card is an electronic ticketing card that was.. Online top-up of Nol Card is now available for all holders of Nol Blue, Gold and Silver cards. A credit can be added to the Nol card balance via the Nol card portal by means of clicking 'Nol. The Nol Card is an electronic ticketing card that was released in for all mode of public transport in Dubai services, on August 2009. The word Nol is an Arabic word نول for fare.The Nol Card system was developed by Hong Kong-based company Octopus Cards Limited.. A Nol Card is a credit-card-sized stored-value contactless smartcard that can hold prepaid funds to pay for fares on buses and. Nol card: The easy way to check your balance. Plus, how you can top-off the card as required - all from the comfort of your home. Published: January 27, 2020 08:34 Karishma H. Nandkeolyar,.

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The Nol Silver Card is the perfect Nol starter card for regular use with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 1000. The Silver Nol Card costs 25 AED upfront, which includes 19 AED e-purse value and the ticket holder is anonymous, ie you don't need to register your card Welcome to SpotServe, your one stop destination for all types of services. Be it Salik Recharge, Du recharge, credit card service or any Mobile recharge and payments, SpotServe's hassle-free services is just one touch away. We are one of the few facilitators of RTA, Etisalat, Du, Najm, Finance House, Emirates Islamic Bank, ISIC International Student Card and more

Is Nol Card required for Buses? All travelers need to purchase Nol cards before stepping on the bus. You need to scan this card at the start and end of the trip, to ensure you pay the correct fare. If you fail to scan your Nol card before exiting, you will be charged the full fare. How to recharge Nol card online and how to check Nol card balance The customer would then be able to top-up NOL card instantly, and buy a bus & metro permit without visiting tickets counter or renew such a permit, said Khaled Al Awadi, Director of Automated. A Creative Card Marketplace Supporting A Community Of Designers, & Illustrators The Nol Blue Card might be said to have two types, the Regular Nol Blue Card and the concession card. While the same process is followed in applying for these two, their requirements are slightly different. The Process of Getting A Nol Blue Card Online. First, apply online. You will receive an SMS and e-mail notification with your application. Nol Card Types Nol Silver Card. The Nol Silver Card is the perfect nol starter card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 500. Enjoy the ease of getting the Silver Nol Card immediately from any ticket office for only AED 20 (includes AED 14 e-purse value) and enjoy the convenience of using one card on all modes of public transport in Dubai

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Nol cards are widely accepted across all modes of transport within Dubai. Now, the same Nol cards can be used at more than 5,000 retail outlets in Dubai. The extension of Nol cards usage from transit to retail has been made possible by RTA partnering with Mercury Payments Services LLC. and Network International LLC A new digital nol cord has been launched by Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority. This new digital nol card, along with a new nol Pay app is part of the RTA's plan to innovate Dubai's public transportation. Huawei was announced as the key partner for the launch, with the nol Pay app launching on the Huawei AppGallery As long as you have accessibility to the internet, you can check Nol card balance online as well as carry out Nol card balance transfer. The procedure to check the remaining credit status is more straightforward. Follow these three steps. Visit the RTA website: Get to the RTA website

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You can now earn points by using your Nol Card while traveling on any RTA public transport service in Dubai, including bus, metro, tram, taxi, and water taxi and spending on parking meters.. All you have to do is get yourself registered by logging on to www.nolplus.ae. Once you have created an account link your nol card by providing all the details required Nol Card Enable citizens of Dubai to keep Balance for Dubai Metro, Buses, Water Buses, Dubai tram in traveler pocket in the form of one card. Don't need to pay cash, or swipe credit cards, the remaining balance can check at Metro Station ticket machine by tapping or by using an online inquiry service as well as an online RTA smart Phone Application Customers with a Nol card are required to check-in and check-out their card on different electronic gates at the metro station or the electronic terminals on buses. The best feature of the Nol cards is the online top-up facility Reading Time: 15 minutes Emirate id Card Status Details Here You can Check. More Over Emirates id status Check to Provide All the other Related topics details also, Emirates Identity Authority Inquiry about the Emirates ID Card Status of the application, link to inquire about the status of the identity application, through the Emirates Identity Authority, which was established on September 29. Enter your NOL card number at the back of your card; Enter the image security code and click the Check option. The card balance is shown at the bottom of the page. NOL cards can be used in over 1000 retail stores. If you're having a Nol Silver or Gold card you can carry upto Dh1000 and if you have a personalised Blue Nol card, you can carry.

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For credit card payments, one can select credit card. Step 4: Insert the cash into the cash slot of the machine. Once the machine receives the selected value, it will automatically credit the money into the NOL card. Do not remove the NOL card from the slot until the machine completes the loading and shows the Print Receipt screen Students can apply online for a discounted NOL card through RTA website. You will require an NOC from Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai which can be requested from Ms. Souha Aswad via an email request (sxacad2@rit.edu). Please note that NOC will take a few days to process. An Emirates ID is also required to apply for the NOL card Opening your nol Plus account is easy. Create your RTA user ID now. 2 It's so simple to sign up for nol Plus. Link your nol Card. 3 nol Plus rewards are waiting for you! Get more with nol Plus. There's a lot to look forward to with nol Plus! Ski Dubai. AED 65 OFF on A Snow Classic Ticket Cost of a new silver and gold card remains the same at Dh20 per card. This includes Dh14 credit balance on the Nol card. A blue card costs Dh70, including a Dh20 credit balance. Recycling Nol cards RTA said it is re-cycling its non-expired cards. People sometimes keep four to five cards with them The Nol card is a smart card for the use of various public transport in Dubai. The tram is new and nice, but in terms of travelling it's one of the modes of transport, said Abdulla Al Madani, chief executive of the RTA's corporate technical support services sector

Step 1: Go to RTA official website and click on Public Transport button. After clicking it you will see NOL option on your screen, press it then selects View NOL card Balance Go to an RTA website, tap onto the Check NOL Card Balance option and type your NOL card number and security code. Once you have entered the details, click 'Check'. If there is an insufficient balance, you can also choose to pay online and add credit to your NOL card. Check NOL Card balance online to make the most of your card on the commut


Web Tags Related to Dubai driving mock test - RTA, Dubai,Check fines details of vehicles by RTA of Dubai. check balance on bus card,nol card status,rta nol card,nol card minimum balance,nol card balance transfer,how to check nol card balance in mobile,dubai nol card balance check online,nol card recharg A Nol Card is a credit-card-sized stored-value contactless smartcard that can hold prepaid funds to pay for fares on buses and trains within one or more of four zones. The credit must be added to the card before travel. Passengers tag on and tag off their card on electronic gates at the metro station or electronic terminals in buses when entering and leaving the transport system in order.

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The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unveiled new packages for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual subscription to the unified fare card (NOL card) enabling users of the Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram and public buses to get discounts on fares in as much as 47% Nol Card Balance Checker. 159 likes. A simple Nol Card balance checker utility app created to ease the pain of bus and metro train commuters in UAE Nol card. In Dubai, you can pay for all public transport including bus, metro, waterbus, water taxi, abras, tram and even for public parking with Nol card. Nol is a smart card. You can add certain balance or recharge it via the RTA's applications or at the smart kiosks present at bus and metro stations

Nol Blue Card is a personalised Nol card that carries an image of the card holder. It has been designed for use by regular users and for people who are entitled to concessionary travel. Nol Red Ticket is a paper-based card that can be bought from any ticket vending machine or ticket office for only AED 2.00 500 points will get you Dhs5, but remember that you can use your nol card when you travel by taxi, bus, or when you shop at certain supermarkets like Zoom or Carrefour, or even at retail stores. Nol Charging Station. Recharge your NOL card for access to public transport and RTA parking, at the charging station on the Mezzanine Floor Ikea side


A new fast, easy, & safe way to pay for your Google Play Store purchases. Whether its buying apps or paying for a service, 'Pay with du' is a quick and easy way to get it done. It's a safe way for making online payments without using your credit card. You also don't have to worry about spending. The Emirates NBD Go4it Platinum credit card is a joint venture of Emirates NBD & RTA (Road and Transport Authority). This credit card is one of its kinds in the whole region that comes with a credit card and transit chip built into one card, offering the card members a twin benefit of RTA Nol Card & credit card and. RTA Nol Card is utilized to make payments on the RTA transit network Every time we travel and tap in/out our NOL card on the machine for the transaction. As a result, the machine flashes the remaining balance on the screen. How to top up your NOL card balance. The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) now offers an online top-up service for the Nol card (www.nol.ae). Any NOL cardholder of Nol Blue, Gold, and. Nol & The Public Transport Network. Nol is a smart cash free system created by RTA which means you can use one card to pay across metro, taxis, busses, water bus, tram and several stores as well.. Card vs Ticket. The simplest difference between Nol Card and Nol Ticket is the number of uses, Nol ticket would serve inconvenient unless you're looking for very few trips

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Dubai Nol Card: Best Nol Card for Tourists February 16, 2020 March 27, 2021 Nol Card is an e-ticketing card that you can use for different transport modes in Dubai NOL Card Recharge thru ADCB App > Lifestyle > NOL Card Recharge thru ADCB App. June 28, 2016 JM Kayne 0 Comments. NOL Card Recharge thru ADCB App. I rarely use a bus, but in some circumstances I do. So recently I found out that instead of making a queue to re-charge your NOL Card, here is actually an app that provides a faster way to re-charge The Nol Card is an electronic ticketing card that was released in for all mode of public transport in Dubai services, on August 2009. The word Nol is an Arabic word نول for fare. The Nol Card system was developed by Hong Kong-based company Octopus Cards Limited. With Nol cards set to get you access into public parks and pay for your groceries, the question being asked is wlll the Nol card replace your credit card

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Nol card. A challenge most of the tourists are facing when first using public transportation in Dubai is figuring out what kinds of Nol cards exist and where to get one. We understood that the Nol e-system was complex and tricky. That is why we added the screen that would appear at the first launch of the app Banks. Salik customers can also recharge through one of the following banks. Please note that banks may change their recharge channels, please check with the bank if the recharge channel you wish to use is still available The NOL card is a must-have for commuters in Dubai daily for public transport-whether it's a Dubai Metro train or a bus. Usually, you can check the balance of an NOL card by tapping it before entering the train platform. But what if you want to see the remaining points.. Unique Thoughtful Cards By Independent Creators - Order By 5pm Dispatched Today. Unique Cards By Independent Creators - Send The Perfect Card Toda Nol Card - New Application and Renewal. The below form is to request for a Status Letter to proceed with your personal Student Nol Card from RTA, this service is only available to current students enrolled on a programme with Middlesex University Dubai

Nol card allows passengers to use different public transportation means and pay with a single card. You can get a Nol card at Ticket Offices and/or Ticket Vending Machines (in all Metro Stations and Bus Stations), RTA Customer Service Centres, Authorized Sales Agents and online. There are four types of Nol cards: Silver, Gold, Blue and Red RTA and Huawei Consumer Business Group announced the launch of the GCC's first digital nol cards and nol Pay mobile app on Huawei AppGallery. The nol Pay app will allows user to purchase tickets on all RTA's transportation services, from Dubai Metro up to waterbus, Tram and more

For Plus Points redemption towards Nol balance, you may log on to Internet Banking and place a request online for redemption of your Plus Points with your Go4it Credit Card. Alternatively, you may call the Emirates NBD Rewards Helpline on +971 4 316 0404 and place your request. Please note that redemption of Plus Points towards Salik top up is. www.nol.ae Credit/Debit cards or e-Dirham Online (Coming Soon) RTA Customer Service Centres: Authorised Sales Agents : 9 RTA License Branches: Carrefour : Al Awir License Branch: Redha AI-Ansari Exchange : Al Barsha License Branch: Spinneys : Al Karama License Branch: Waitrose : Al Towar License Branch: Emirates NBD : Aswaq Mezher License. Nol Blue Card can be loaded with up to Dhs5,000. You can use this card on all modes of transport. Enjoy a secure card balance if your card is lost or stolen. Enjoy a variety of secure and..

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Nol cards are available in 4 colors - Red Nol card for casual use, Silver Nol card for standard use, Blue Nol card for students and senior citizen discounted travel, and Gold Nol card for VIP travel. We recommend you submit all new claims to claims@travelcard.com.au as soon as possible . My Travel History is an overview of the journeys and. Time Out has the news as it's announced Nol cards top up now available on your smartphone, making using the tram in Dubai, plus Metro and buses, easier | Things To Do, We've all been through this in Dubai: it's rush hour and you're late for a meeting. You rush through the metro station, get to the barriers, only to find out that you don't have enoug Copyright © 2015 Roads and Transport Authority, All Rights Reserved. This site is maintained by the Roads and Transport Authority Paying fine for travelling with a NOL card that wasnt topped up. Hey guys, do you know if you can pay the fine for travelling on a bus with a nol card that wasnt topped up online? The reason i ask is because if not i will have to go to qusais and that office is a nightmare Nol Blue Cards can be applied for online. To start your journey on public transport in Dubai, the minimum balance needed in your Nol card is Dh5.80 Cash is not be accepted for payment to use Metro, Buses and Water Buses. There are 4 different types of Nol cards - Red, Blue, Silver and Gol

You have been successfully logged out . You will now be redirected to RTA Hom The card will now be available for retail use, and the RTA says the initiative is planned on making users happy by utilising the card for various services. The number of retailers accepting Nol payments is expected to top 5,000 by the end of the year, according to the CEO of RTA's corporate technology support services sector, Abdulla Al. All you need to do is create your RTA user ID and link your first nol Card You need to have a Nol card (contactless card) to be able to travel by Dubai Metro. The Dubai Metro line is divided into 7 zones. The price for your journey depends on the number of zones travelled during one trip. There are 4 types of nol cards which are explained in detail below The Nol Card for Dubai residents or frequent visitors The Blue Nol Card is a photo personalized card that offers a perfect solution for Dubai residents or people who frequently use public transportation in Dubai. This costs AED 70 of which AED 20 is added to the balance of the card that you can use freely

How to Check Your NOL Card Balance via RTA Smartphone AppRTA Dubai Unveils ‘Virtual’ Nol Card | Dubai OFWHow to Renew Your Philippine Passport in Dubai, UAE 2017Buy Acropolis Solid Wood Coffee Table in Rustic TeakQuranic Park Dubai - Location, Timings, Ticket Price, MapDubai Creek Park - Timings, Entrance Fee, Gates, Location

The NOL Card is the payment method for buses, metro and water bus too. The Silver Card will cost 25 AED, The Red Ticket will cost 2 AED, Red Ticket day pass is 20 AED. DUBAI METRO MAP. There are two Metro Lines: Red the one coming from Dubai airport to Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and city center. You can also transfer to the Green Line DUBAI METRO TICKETS / NOL CARDS. Dubai Metro lets passengers travel from one end of the city to the other for price as low as Dh 5.80 thus making it affordable, convenient and a luxurious ride. A unified multi-modal ticketing system has been introduced in the form of an NOL Card which is basically a pre-paid transport card DUBAI, UAE - December 30, 2020: Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Huawei Consumer Business Group have announced the exclusive launch of the GCC's first digital nol cards and nol Pay mobile app on the Huawei AppGallery.This collaboration is in line with the RTA's plan to adopt advanced and innovative technologies into Dubai's transport sector as part of the UAE Strategy. Tahani Cards. The Tahani gift card takes the hassle out of buying gifts. It's convenient, easy to use and best of all; it lets the recipient choose how they want to use it. Cards can be reloaded as many times as you wish and are valid for one year from the last reload. Activated for just AED 10, the minimum load is AED 100 and the maximum is. Via ManGo kiosks across the UAE you can top up your local and international mobile phones, pay bills, topup Salik, buy NOL cards, VOIP cards, get online games points. Soon ManGo™ wallet will be launched and your account can be topped up via ManGo Kiosk, It's a comfortable, easy and safe way to complete a paymen

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