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Fenn kill traps, are designed to legally control rats, stoats, weasels, squirrels, rabbits and mink. They are designed to be set in 'runs', burrow entrances (Rabbits Mk6 Fenn) and tunnels. 2. To set a Fenn trap, use your thumbs to open the jaws and engage the safety hook There are several videos out there on this subject but the majority scare us. They are downright dangerous because they involve putting fingers over the stri.. Follow these guidelines when baiting your trap. Bloody chicken meat, chicken entrails, frogs and fresh fish are great bait options to ensure minks come to investigate. For an added attractant, sparsely cover your bait with fur or feathers depending on what you're using. Properly positioning the bait is crucial to success Baiting the trap too early on will just scare the rats away as they are very wary of free food that suddenly appears in their environment. If you do want to use bait, use whatever they would normally eat there eg grain in granary or meat in a butchers Plan of the wooden floored trap tunnel developed for Fenn traps. Note the two holes or notches required to accomodate the safety catches. (C. O'Donnell) (a) It is long enough to contain two traps (minus chains) with bait between them at sufficient distance from the entrances to stop interference by other animals

You can, if you wish, simply use a set weight, 100g, lowered on the plate to check at what pressure your trap will fire. Simply use a good hook as a safety catch to stop your trap smashing your weight, or vice versa. It is an exercise worth doing to ensure that your new traps work as efficiently as possible While baiting traps with things such as eggs can improve the success rate the real key to catching them is a well-positioned natural-looking tunnel. Liam Bell demonstrates how to use the DOC trap Picking the best spot for your tunnels is something of an art and is one of those things that gets easier with experience Fenn traps Fenn traps have long been the main trapping tool for mustelids. Recently during testing of trap effectiveness Fenn traps failed the National Animal Advisory committee (NAWAC) humane killing test and consequently are being withdrawn from service as their working lives are completed. Possum leg-hold traps (e.g. Victor No. 1 Bait is situated on the treadle plate of the Mk4 Fenn trap. The target species enters the Tunnel and moves over the MK4 Fenn trap, In doing so triggers the floor plate, which in turn releases the spring operated mechanism, instantly dispatching the target species we use fenn traps in wooden tunnels , the tunnels are 2 foot long 8inches by 1 , two sides a roof and floor , one end is small weldmesh one end is timber with a round hole cut in it , the trap goes in the middle with batten either side of it on the floor and up the sides to narrow the box and guide squirres over the plate and is accessed by cutting a door in the middle of the roof with a bit.

Step by step demonstration for setting up the Fenn MK4 Humane Rat Trap Fenn Mk 4 is ideal for rats and as Bodger has said they do not need to be baited. The tunnel can be made of wood or even tiles, but wood is the easiest option. The tunnels should be around 2ft long and 4 to five inches high, effectively just enough to allow the trap to spring

Baiting & Setting the trap Squirrels just love peanut butter and so are attracted to it and because they have a keen sense of smell, they can detect its smell from quite some distance. You can exploit this by making occasional dabs of peanut butter in probable approaches to your tunnel If you do want to use bait, use whatever they would normally eat there eg grain in granary or meat in a butchers. Baiting the trap:-Smear of peanut butter or chocolate spread - but only a little! We supply only Fenn brand products - perceived to be the 'Rolex' of the trap world. The brand is so famous that the name has become generic Setting Fenn Type Traps Bait and a sprinkle of lure are placed near the back of the hole to lure the mink in, and a conibear or foothold trap is placed at the entrance. While mink feed on a variety of items, fish or fresh meat are popular bait items for pocket sets. Pocket sets with foothold traps should be rigged so that they instantly drown the captured animal I dont seem to be having much luck with my traps at the mo. I bought them online a few weeks ago,kept 3 for my self and gave one too one of the manage Rats & fenn traps - Hunter Worl

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Good chance of catching it if you set up with the silkie where it was killed, stoat will often come back to kill, do you know anyone you could borrow a couple of Fenn traps from set them in a tunnel built with either wood or stones whatever is lying around either closed at one end with bait behind the trap or open at both ends a run through, stoats can't resist investigating a tunnel, make sure the opening is too small to allow entry by non target species Fenn traps should be treated to prevent traps and chains rusting excessively. Coating should not repel stoats or attract non-targets, and be user friendly. Removable roof to give ease of access when setting/checking traps. Bait secured between, or beyond, the traps to prevent bait moving or being removed. Baits Key requirements are: high. In this tutorial I will go over three of the best ways I know of how to bait a mousetrap to get them almost every time without finding the Trap clean and bai..

The trap is set by tying the bait securely to the setting hook inside the cage, as the rat pulls at the bait the rod is released and the spring loaded door closes. It is constructed from heavy gauge square mesh that is electro plated after manufacture for a hard wearing long lasing finish J - Lastly close the lid of the Fenn Box and place at your selected trapping location, the box can be locked closed if required. When trapping make sure you always try to prevent catching non-target spe-cies by restricting the entrance if needed 35 Fenn Mk VI traps set over 3150 trap nights (TN). The trial was conducted from March to May 2007 and was repeated for a further 7740 trap nights from January to March 2008, using 20 Dominus traps. The Dominus trap caught stoats consistently at the rate of 0.22 stoats/100 TN in both years, compared with 0 and .14/100 TN in Fenn traps, so. The humane Fenn trap has, since 1959, been the go-to trap of British gamekeepers. If you are feeding duck (where legal), or pheasants, be sure to have traps and/or poison rat baits nearby. Keep a diary. A trapping diary will help you spot which traps (be sure to number them) are performing, and which need shifting

Setting Traps. Actively promoting the humane culling of Grey Squirrels. Information - Advice - Control Products - Control & Damage Prevention. Tel: 01449 523024 or 01473 845108 Mob: 07598 26917 Fenn traps require periodic re-application of the protective coating. Tunnel/Cover Kill traps must be set in a tunnel or under a cover. A tunnel has three functions: i) orientate the animal relative to the trap, ii) disguise and protect the trap and iii) keep out non-target Pre-baiting traps may increase capture rates. LIMITATION MK4 / MK6 Fenn Trap £ 7.99 - £ 8.50; x1 The Grey Area Raffle Ticket £ 1.50; Live Catch Rabbit Trap - Galvanised PVC Coated £ 39.99 £ 34.99; Live catch - Squirrel Trap - Galvanised - 3x1 mesh £ 26.4 Possums are attracted to the trap by baiting it with a piece of fresh fruit. The Goodnature self re-setting traps are relatively new. Widespread trials of the Goodnature Henry trap, designed to kill stoats, occurred in late 2009/ early 2010, and proved to be very effective. What makes these traps unique is that they are self re-setting

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The Fenn Mark 4 Rat Trap measures 4.9W x 5.3H x 4.72L when closed. The Fenn Mark 4 is a lethal, body-gripping rat trap which should be set in a natural or artificial tunnel or enclosure to avoid non-target captures. - Fenn Mark 4 Rat Trap (FENNMK4 Stock tools & supplies for your garden. Free UK delivery on eligible orders

There are two sizes Fenn traps approved for grey squirrels in the uk, the smaller MK4 Fenn and the larger MK6 Fenn. We recommend the MK6 for squirrel control as it is a more powerful trap and dispatches the squirrel more efficiently The Fenn Mark 6 Rat Trap measures 4.9 W x 6.1H x 5.3L when closed. The Fenn Mark 6 is a lethal body-gripping rat trap which should be set in a natural or artificial tunnel or enclosure to avoid non-target captures. - Fenn Mark 6 Rat Trap (FENNMK6 The Fenn Loop Mole Trap manufactured in the U.K., measures 3.54L x 3.54W x 3.15H when open and sprung. These traps work best in straight or traveling runs. They are positioned below ground and will be invisible to anyone except the person who set the trap with a slight covering of soil and grass Hi all - haven't been on here for ages (and been smacked across the wrists too :cred: wink.gif ). Anyway, thanks to a certainly Bodger person tunnel/box traps protect birds ,live catch allows collateral to be set free but a chunky fenn will do the job: dpack: if one baits for squizzers one may well get rats but that is a bonus if less appealing on a plate: Colin & Jan: One of the best baits and method I have found is to superglue some maize kernels to the plate of a fenn trap

The cages are designed to house a all sizes of bodygrips #55, #110 #116 and the Mk4 and Mk6 fenn trap for trapping squirrels and rats. The entrance hole can be either from the top, side or bottom, this cage is especially effective on squirrels hung on a tree or fence PHILPROOF has the solution for you! We have a range of Bait and Bait Stations specially developed to protect bait from rain and to prevent blockages which can occur in other bait stations. We also have Traps and Trap Covers. Also available are Monitoring Tunnels designed to record populations of Rats or Stoats and a Nesting Chamber designed for use with small to medium sized birds such as. Fenn Trap Mk 4. The Fenn Trap Mk 4 must be set in a natural or artificial tunnel which is suitable for minimising the chances of injuring or killing non-target species whilst not compromising the capture and killing of target species. It is the law to use these traps in a tunnel. Check Fenn Traps at least twice daily

A good bait is peanut butter. If you are using a single-entry trap, place the bait behind the release plate towards the back of the trap, but forward of the rear of the cage - you do not want the squirrel to take the bait from outside the cage Continue to bait with maize inside the trap and around the entrance for at least five days. Grey Squirrels will only eat the germ of the maize and this can be used to the trapper's advantage to show whether squirrels have visited a site. Grey Squirrel caught in a Kania 2000. Checking Traps. After the five day pre-baiting period, set the trap

If you have no potential to capture a red and can visit the set trap every 24 hours then the Fenn Mk4 set in a tunnel with restricted openings with the trigger plate baited with a blob of peanut butter will do the trick Mk4 Fenn traps for professional use only, pest controllers, farms, estate management and game keepers. These Mk4 Fenn traps are designed to kill, they will break bones in your hand, if you don't understand their use or how to properly set a Fenn Trap don't buy these traps

The new Mk4 Fenn Box is a high quality, strong, green powder coated metal tunnel with a Mk4 Fenn trap secured inside the box. The trap is easy to set and is suitable for trapping squirrels and rats. It has a restricted entrance to stop any non target catches. Just set the trap, bait it up and close the cover and its ready to go Baits should be changed regularly (timing depends on environmental conditions) and disposed of away from the trap.Rotting bait close to the trap may deter cats. Pre-baiting traps may increase capture rates. Pre-baiting can be a useful way of establishing best trapping locations before any traps are laid out Fenn traps are the kiddies, those plastic traps are hobby only might do a youngster but not a full grown rat. Had one of those cages for a few years now, set on runs and baited with all sorts and caught 1 in all that time, whatever make sure they are tied down. No experience of the sticky pads, might try some At each location, 45 pairs of single Fenn trap sets were used, and different re-baiting regimes were applied. Trapping began in February 2001 and continued until July 2001 (Whananaki) and May 2001 (Mimiwhangata) due to a delay in bait processing. Trapping then re-commenced at both locations in December 2001 and continued until 30 May 2002 A 12-month grace period was allowed between implementation being completed and the phasing-out of non-compliant stoat traps. Thus from 1 April 2020, it will no longer be lawful to use Fenn-type traps (Fenn, Springer, Solway and copies of these traps), Magnum 55, 110, 116 or WCS Tube Traps to catch stoats

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One Fenn trap was set, with the bait placed behind it. Tunnels were ran-domly allocated as either SET or RTT tunnels. Tun-nel type was rotated every 2 weeks to isolate the effect of tunnel type from other site-related effects. Baits The standard bait of two eggs, one whole and on The RUSTLER RAT TUNNEL is designed to work with the FENN Mk 4 Trap.It is a tunnel box made of marine ply with 2.5 inch mesh covering either entrance to allow only rats and small vermin in. Set a FENN Mk4 trap on the ground in the position you wish to catch the rat and place the RUSTLER RAT TUNNEL over it to protect it.Guide pegs inside the box hold the Fenn Mk 4 Trap in place so the animal.

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Dragging grain/bait/lure between trap sites will encourage rats and squirrels, etc , two or three pieces of bait near the trap can increase the likelyhood of success. The use of gloves when handling the trap and lures will minimise the risk of you leaving a scent that will make the animal suspicious, and prevent you touching the fenn trap after. The trap is set by tying the bait securely to the setting hook inside the cage, as the rat pulls at the bait the rod is released and the spring loaded door closes. It is constructed from heavy gauge square mesh that is electro plated after manufacture for a hard wearing long lasting finish The poison must be 'captive' at the bait station. Other traps. Another trap which specifically targets rats is the Victor Professional Snap Trap, which are placed in small rate sized tunnels. This trap will also kill weasels and stoats, but for all-round use the Fenn has the edge. Eels. Commercial eel fishermen will be only too pleased to.

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  1. Using mouse traps is one of the best ways to get rid of rodents in-house with pets. You can use humane traps, glue boards, live traps, and bait traps. However, to ensure that you enjoy best results, use a different type of traps. If you have dogs in your house, make sure to place these traps in safe locations
  2. g will depend on environmental conditions) and disposed of away from the trap. Rotting bait close to the trap station may deter cats
  3. Trapping is often underrated, especially where only a few rodents are present. Common snap traps, glue boards, and live traps can be used to supplement baiting programs, or in situations where baits may pose a hazard. Traps should be placed along walls, near holes, or at right angles along beams, rafters, or other travel ways
  4. Victor mouse traps come with two settings to help you best cat a mouse or rat. The firm and sensitive setting help you to set the sensitivity of the plate to ensure a humane kill. Learn more about how to best set a trap and what you can do to improve your technique
  5. a single Mark 6 Fenn trap. The bait types trialed were fresh rabbit, salted rabbit, freeze-dried rabbit, chicken egg and pilchard. McNemer's test and the Bradley-Terry paired comparison model were used to compare statistical differences in capture frequencies between pairs of baits. Rabbit meat was more effective i
  6. Mesh protection tunnel & Mk4 Fenn trap This mesh tunnel protects the trap from non target species accessing the Fenn trap You are required by UK law to use a Mk4 Fenn trap inside a tunnel, Our approved size restricted entrance fulfills the requirement to prevent access to none target species. We make these and all of our cage traps in our own factory in sunny Lancashire The Mk4 Fenn trap.

Meet Wolfie, he is a Fenn cast bronze owl that was carved by Jack Drake. According to Mr. Fenn, I did cast that bronze and the writing on it is from my hand. Jack Drake was primarily a wood carver of birds and had a nice following at the Baker Gallery in Lubbock in the 1960. I purchased the poor little fella from eBay when his former owner decided to abandon him You can put delectable foods on the traps like fresh meat and shrimp (hey, they have gourmet taste! Cockroaches make great bait too!) You can pre-condition the rat by baiting a trap that isn't set in order to get them complacent about the trap. You can disguise traps

97 year, placement of bait stations was as for 1994/ 95, bait stations were filled three times from Septem-ber and all bait was removed in April 1997. Mustelid trapping had been on-going at Mapara since 1990, using 142 Mark 4 Fenn traps set 150— 300 m apart along a 24 km trapline (Murphy & Bradfield 1992). Trapping continued until May 1995 The Fenn Mole Scissors Trap manufactured in the U.K., measures 6.3L x 2.75W x 2.75H when open. These traps work best in straight or traveling runs. This is a very easy trap to set and use. - Fenn Mole Scissors Trap (FENNMSC

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The pieces of bait should freeze free-flow and be ready to use as you need them. Excess bait left after a day's trapping can be re-frozen. • Put the bait on a peg above the ground in your traps to help it last and to aid scent dispersal. The bait should last around three weeks depending on the weather and the shade on your trap site The city initially budged over $275,000 for rodent baiting across the city for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, but the construction that has flushed out the rats is requiring an additional $125,000 for laying baits all along the I-696 freeway. The article concludes, Mayor Jim Fouts said 128 poison bait traps and individual traps have been set up try different baits! Last one i had fell to frozen salmon. Wasn't interested in cat food or tuna. The one before (different location) liked trout. Also many people will tell you the bait needs to be fresh. The salmon was a week old before I caught the mink. I would use a live catch trap and not a snare in case there are otter there The Squirrel enters through either entrance of the trap to take the preplaced bait, which is situated on the treadle plate of the Mk4 Fenn trap. In doing so triggers the floor plate, which in turn releases the spring operated mechanism, instantly dispatching the Squirrel or Rat

Mk4 Fenn traps for professional use only, pest controllers, farms, estate management and game keepers. This trap man run through grey squirrel trap requires no baiting, the run through design relies on the grey squirrel to enter the tunnel trap during its normal hunt for food. The grey squirrel simply steps onto the central treadle plate. A Fenn trap is a spring trap commonly used for catching wildlife including grey squirrels, stoats, rats and mice. RSPCA inspector Dean Astillberry said: This poor cat had somehow got his head completely stuck, face-down, in this lethal trap. We don't know how long he would have been wandering about like that Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Car Case Study and Review - Building A Better Rat Trap - The MK 4 Fenn Trap. Recently, I ran across a great article featuring the Fenn Mark4 trap, published on EnglishCountryLife.com.In the article, the author discusses the legal concerns and potentially dangerous mishaps users may have when prepping the Mark4, and other body grip traps

FENN are one of the three manufacturers of the 'FENN type' spring trap named in the Spring Traps Approval Order. When we began selling this product w e were lucky enough to deal with the son of the original inventor and although the original Fenn family are no longer directly involved in the business, the traps continue to be manufactured. Great Selection of Gardening Products. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Hi folks Can anyone give me some advice on setting a fenn trap and best place to site one etc. Do you need to bait ? I noticed a hole under the slab

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THE FENN TRAP. American Trap Talk . Rules / Site Tips / Help Getting Registered . Trapping Talk. Fur Handling. Trap Tuning / Modifying ~New~ Snareman's Corner. Snareline Pics. Bait And Lure Making . Kids Forum. Members Photo Album Ride Along Trap Line Photo Journals. Members Video Album Ride Along Trapline Journals. General Board The Fenn Mk IV in use today was added in 1970 by means of the Spring Traps Approval (Variation) Order 1970 (SI 1970 No 50), and the larger Mk VI in 1982 by the Spring Traps Approval (Variation) Order 1982 (SI 1982 No 53). Alternatives to Fenn traps. Over time, a number of direct copies of the Fenn trap became available from other manufacturers When placing Mk6 Fenn traps in scrapes they need to be lightly covered with fine soil. If in a tunnel, make sure they have room to operate, and the jaws should almost touch the top of the tunnel or cover when sprung. Failure to do this can result in rabbits going over the top without getting caught, or being foul caught Contrary to popular belief, 'Fenn' traps are made by AA Fenn & Co, and are not a 'type' of trap but a make. Beware of cheap fakes, especially those advertised as 'Fen' traps. They are of inferior quality, and are illegal to use in the UK. If anyone needs Fenn traps, make sure they are genuine A. rodenticidal bait points B. break-back traps or glue boards D. set a Fenn trap on the run, and cover with a tamper proof box 13 A lay-by on a main road in a rural location has a rat infestation. Which one of the following D. bait on a permanent basis but only using pulse baits

To do so, select a bait area, such as a pile of grains, bark or other natural areas where rats congregate. Then bait a large number of traps with peanut butter, and leave them unset on in the area. A few days after the baited traps have been discovered, set the traps and kill your rats en masse Fenn Mark4 trap (4 trap) is for rats, grey squirrels, stoats and weasels. (See photos) The brass tongue is stamped A. FENN, PAT. NO. 762891. The brass trigger system will never rust or fail. with or without tunnel or cage for Mark4 The trap is easy to set and is ideal for trapping squirrels, rats and mink. It has a restricted entrance to stop any non target catches. Just set the trap, bait it up and close the cover and its ready to go. The new Mk 6 Fenn Box is an excellent mink trap The Rodent Fenn trap mark 4 is a spring trap with treadle trigger mechanism for the control of grey squirrels and rats. Care should be taken when using Fenn traps to avoid trapping non-target species by placing in covered runs or burrows or by using a suitable artificial tunnel

Fenn traps will be illegal from 2020

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Click the link to read about The Top 3 Rat and Mouse Poison Baits. 6. Choose the right size trap for your rats. Mouse traps and mouse cubes aren't big enough for rats. A traditional spring-loaded trap for rats such as the Victor rat trap is about twice the size of a mouse trap. 7. When using a Victor rat trap, hang the cheese in the right place The Mk6 Fenn Traps are designed to be placed in natural or artificial tunnels which directs the animal into the trap while reducing capture of non target animals. This trap is a powerful trap designed for rodents like rats and squirrels such includes a built in safety. However, traps were designed to be easily set Genuine Fenn branded products only. Same day, fast despatch. Trapping advice with every purchase is a download - link will be provided after order is processed. Free help line available. No-quibble guarantee. Experienced trapper on the staff We are the largest outlet for Fenn traps and sell only genuine Fenn traps and tunnels The trap belonging to a golf club had been set to control rabbits in the area. The National Anti-Snaring Campaign said the fenn trap is only legal to use if they are set in Scam baiting.

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Standard & Mini Possum Bait Stations & Timms Traps • Rodent Bait Stations and Block Baits • Rodent Snap Traps • Fenn Traps (MK4 & 6) • Trap Covers • DOC 200 trap and lightweight cover. Also available: Monitoring Tunnels, Flagging Tape, Rabbit Bait Stations. PHONE 07 859 2943 MOBILE 021 270 5896 PO Box 4385 Hamilton 3247 WEB: www. Pest Control Traps available online now from Sam Turner & Sons | Professional Rat, Mouse & Mole Traps, along with Insect, Rabbit, Fox, Squirrel and Mink Cages. All Traps available online now for a good, competitive price

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A Fenn Pincer Mole Trap. Genuine, Made in England. A Fenn Pincer Mole Trap. Genuine, Made in England. Household Pest Mice Control Rodent Bait Killer Mouse Traps Seesaw Mouse Catcher. $10.66. Free shipping . 6pcs REUSABLE Rat Mice Mouse Trap Mousetraps Catcher Killer Rodent Pest CONTROL. $8.26 To lure the critter inside the trap, put a bait inside through the vent hole in a rear of the trap so that the bait gets behind the trigger grid. The trap will be more effective if a small amount of the bait is sprinkled at the device's mouth, which will attract squirrels This spring trap must be set in a tunnel and not out in the open. Suitable for rats, squirrell & other small animals. Check out which animals / vermin you can legally catch in your country with these spring traps. Very strong spring. Do not get these spring traps confused with cheaper imported spring traps / fenn traps. U.K. made very high quality

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