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A 90 BB mid capacity magazine with mock bullets is included with this rifle. A 9.6v NiMH and basic charger are included in this package as well. If you're looking for an AEG that is perfect for indoor or close-quarters airsoft battling, the P90 is the gun to get. Features: 390 FPS with 0.20g BBs; Fully licensed FN Herstal trademark This means that if your airsoft gun is shooting 380 FPS with a .20g BB and you switch to a .25g BB your gun will be shooting 340 FPS. There's a big difference in FPS but the kinetic energy it carries on flight will be the same, 1.34 Joules, regardless of what BB weight you use The HK UMP Gas Blowback airsoft gun is from the Elite Force Airsoft line of Elite guns. AMOEBA AM-009 M4 GEN5 6MM ELECTRIC AIRSOFT RIFLE DARK EARTH BROWN - 390 FPS. $289.99. AMOEBA AM-013 GEN5 M4 Elite Force Airsoft Rifle : Umarex Airguns. AM-013 M4 GEN5 6MM ELECTRIC AIRSOFT RIFLE - 395 FPS - Semi/Full Auto. $329.99. AMOEBA AM-013 M4 Elite. So if you're worried about your wallet when looking around for a great AK-47 AirSoft assault rifle, The E&L may be the gun for you. Features 390 FPS 120 rds Adjustable hop up Full Steel frame Full, semi, safety mod Outside the Local Airsoft Field. If you're organizing a private airsoft game between friends, it's still a good idea to follow local rules regarding fps. A gun with an extremely high fps can seriously hurt people, especially from up close. But you can go as high as you like with the fps if you're into hitting inanimate targets in your.

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  1. This affordable 390FPS airsoft rifle is garnering rave reviews. The MK 18 is the perfect combination of function and form. Built with a heavy-duty receiver comprised of metal and a rigid handguard, the rifle has just the right weight and feel
  2. Weight: 2550 g Lenght: 800 - 890 mm Velocity: 390 FPS w/0,20g Brand: Delta Armor
  3. The Muzzle velocities are usually in the range of 200 to 390 fps (feet per second) for the automatic electric airsoft guns and between 390 to 560 fps for the single-shot spring-powered guns. They can typically shoot up to a range of around 110 yards (100 m) but this is a high-quality example and is not common
  4. There are more important factors to go for and I have mentioned them above, so whether your gun has 350, 390, 400, 433 or 500 FPS it does not really matter. Focus on other technical stuff if you want to get a good airsoft replica gun, or simply do not think much about it and rather work on a game approach
  5. The WELL L96 bolt action spring powered sniper rifle is a high quality airsoft sniper rifle based on the Accuracy International L96 real steel rifle. If your airsoft ambitions put you behind the scope of a long range rifle, tagging the opposition at over 50 yards then this L96 replica is a great fit for you

390 FPS A&K Airsoft M4 CQB RIS AEG Rifle - Full Metal Gearbox SKU: IU-CQBL-NB. $179.95 Qty . View Details. SOLD OUT. 390 FPS DBoys M733 Metal Gearbox High Velocity Airsoft M4 AEG Rifle SKU: BI-MX-11B. $95.95 Qty . View Details. SOLD OUT. 390 FPS JG SP-3 SAS Tactical Airsoft AEG T3 Full Metal Gearbox Rifle. Details about MK18 Mod 1 Airsoft Gun 390 FPS Electric Gun See original listing. MK18 Mod 1 Airsoft Gun 390 FPS Electric Gun: Condition: New. Ended: Jan 28, 2021. Price: US $400.00. Shipping: $20.00 Standard Shipping | See details . Item location: Killeen, Texas, United States. Seller:. How far can airsoft guns shoot? The majority of airsoft guns are able to shoot a distance of about 120 feet to about 180 feet with a reasonable hit rate on a man-sized target. This range can be increased if the player is willing to install the right upgraded internals and tune their gun Shooting BBs between 390-400 fps, the M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle will help you stay at the top of the pack and bring home a victory

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  1. 400+ FPS Upgraded and Tuned Airsoft Gun. A step above what most airsoft guns offer is usually found above 400 FPS. It takes a level of experience and quality to have guns shooting in this range and for the longest time it was only possible through aftermarket upgrades.While that is still true youll find long time airsoft manufacturers like JG (Jing Jong) offering many of their staple lines of.
  2. imum age for a child to possess an airsoft gun is 14 years old
  3. Shop Matrix M110 150% Irregular Pitch Airsoft AEG Upgrade Spring (340~370 FPS) These Matrix springs are build after careful study of major Japanese spring sets providing all the features you'll look for in an AEG spring for maximum performance. It is made out of high quality anodized piano wire, with , Accessories & Parts, AEG Internal Parts, Springs, AEG Spring
  4. The 390 FPS velocity ensures you will have no problem hitting those hard to reach targets. This M4 SD rifle has an extensive 7 inch integrated 20mm RIS rail on the top of the rifle and quad-rails on the handguard, making it available for customization options such as optic sights or foregrips
  5. Crosman VooDoo Shotgun Spring Power Shotgun ASGM47 Airsoft Gun Game Face 390 FPS. 4.5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Crosman VooDoo Shotgun Spring Power Shotgun ASGM47 Airsoft Gun Game Face 390 FPS. $24.95. $26.70 shipping. or Best Offer. 3 new & refurbished from $39.53. Watch
  6. well mb4408b bolt action spring airsoft sniper rifle with bipod 390 fps (Airsoft Gun

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104-00214 KWA KM4 KR14 20" Barrel Keymod RIS Metal M4

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  1. vfc avalon saber carbine m-lok black 6mm aeg airsoft rifle - 390 fps. $409.99. vfc avalon saber carbine m-lok tan 6mm electric airsoft rifle - 440 fps. $409.99. vfc avalon saber cqb m-lok - 6mm - black. avalon saber cqb m-lok black 6mm electric airsoft rifle - 380 fps. $399.99. vfc calibur keymod 13 inch rail- 6mm tan. vfc calibur keymod 13.
  2. On bare skin, yes almost definitely. Anything over 350FPS, expect to have marks upon impact with bare skin as well as the feeling of a bee sting where the BB made impact with the skin. Really being shot with the velocity and weight questioned, at.
  3. - 380 fps to 390 fps with .20g BB's varies by AEG. Prometheus Spring MS 150 - 390 fps to 420 fps .20g BBs varies by AEG.---- PDI Springs----PDI Spring PDI 100% - 290 fps to 300 fps .20g BBs varies by AEG. PDI Spring PDI 120% - 320 fps to 330 fps .20g BBs varies by AEG. PDI Spring PDI 140% - Estimated performance a Systema M100. PDI Spring PDI 150
  4. I have had a 350 fps gun, 365 fps gun, 300 fps gun, 390 fps gun, 400 fps gun, and a 430 fps gun all automatic electric rifles. Oh and my new m14 which I'm not sure about but I would guess around 370. More isn't necessarily better, cus my 430 fps scar has terrible hop up, and is innaccurate, and higher fps guns usually have a slower rate of fire
  5. Probably the best budget airsoft sniper rifle on the market, you're getting a lot of gun here for the price. Featuring a durable, black polymer stock, a heavy-duty metal bolt assembly and trigger box, and a high capacity, 55-round magazine, it's also fully compatible with high quality parts and components from those aforementioned brands

Ooooh baby. Time to take a trip back in time. The year is 2013. Me and my other 12 year old friends are all growing out of our nerf habits, and have decided to move onto something that hurts, airsoft guns. We learned all the tactics used by the pr.. Full metal UTG M4 airsoft rifle has the most realistic appearance. UTG discontinued this model and has been replaced by Classic Army Airsoft Guns.Powerful performance with a pre-upgraded m110 spring shooting at 390 feet per second and uses weapons grade parts For players getting serious about airsoft, 300-400 FPS is the standard of most American airsoft fields and operations. Most internal gearboxes of airsoft guns are built and optimized for this power range as allowing players to take full advantage of their guns performance with minimum maintenance issues

The shot velocity of the Soft Air Kalishnikov is 400 FPS (feet per second). This gives it excellent range and velocity in outdoor environments. The FPS can increase or decrease based on the type of battery you choose to power the gun with, or the ammo you choose to load the gun with Shop Now for Full Metal and Polymer Receiver Airsoft Guns, many style and manufacturers to choose from! FREE Shipping over $100, serving airsofters since 2012! Let us help you, we have lots of inventory and parts available 390 FPS JG SP-3 SAS Tactical Airsoft AEG T3 Full Metal Gearbox Rifle. $120.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Quick view. ICS G33 Series R36 RIS Airsoft Gun Assault Rifle AEG - BLACK/TAN. $230.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Quick view. H&K Licensed S&T G36C Airsoft Metal Gearbox AEG CQB Carbine - BLACK

TSD Super X9 Double Bolt, Airsoft Rifle, Black Stick and Rotating Magazine Double Bolt: Contains Gas and Spring Bolt Black Synthetic Stock 25rd Stick Magazine 460 FPS with Gas Bolt, 390 FPS with Spring (0.2g BB) Rotating magazine with Airsoft BB.. Airsoft Hub provides a free, safe and legal way to sell your used airsoft guns and second hand airsoft equipment to other player

The Lancer Tactical Airsoft LT-15T-G2 comes with flip up sights. The internal workings feature a quick change spring, rotary hop up, and 8mm bushings. This rifle has a velocity of 370-390 feet per second with a 6 mm BB. Your purchase comes with a 9.6 v Nunchuck battery and charger Echo1 M134 MiniGun Airsoft Machine Gun Specifications: - Velocity: 390 fps (0.2 g BB) - Barrel Length: 21.5 inches Long Barrel / 13.5 Inches Short Barrel - Magazine Capacity: 1700 Rounds Features: - Full CNC Metal Construction - Integrated Carry Handle - Quick Change Barrel system - Include 2 Sets of Barrels - Machine Gun Weighs 35 lbs - Real. Airsoft Electric Rifles AEG . Weight: 2550 g Lenght: 800 - 890 mm Velocity: 390 FPS w/0,20g Brand: Delta Armor

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Ak47 Electric Ak47 Airsoft Gun Ak-47 Aeg Cyma Ak47 Kwa Km4 Airsoft Gun Echo 1 M4 S-System Airsoft Echo 1 Full Metal Custom Airsoft Aeg Automatic Electric Gun Airsoft Tokyo Marui Pulse 400 Fps Commando Airsoft Kalashnikov Ak47 Ak-47 Airsoft Gun Gearbox M4 Airsoft Scar Aeg Metal Gearbox Cqb Airsoft Gun Rifle Metal Gearbox Fps Jg Magpul Masada. The KWA Ronin 47 Airsoft Gun features KWA's 2.5 AEG Gearbox with adjustable FPS and quick spring change feature. Full metal all around, solid gun

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This is a skirmish-grade, battle-ready airsoft gun that is ready to help you take down your enemies on the field. The gun's internals are all standard Version 3 parts which means it is fully upgradable, and should you decide to, you can build it up into an even more impressive addition to your arsenal With a retractable 6-Postion Crane stock that accommodates a range of NiMh 8.4-9.6v and LiPo battery configurations, with plenty of room and an easy to remove butt plate without the need for tools. The MOD-EC is a great for the player that is looking for a different AR/M4 base rifle. Learn Mor This is a TAR-21 airsoft gun that I've used in three matches now. The gun is very sturdy with a polymer outside and a metal gearbox. Many TAR's don't come with a battery included so this is the one for you. The gun was chrono-ed at 390 fps. And it can go around 135-175 feet 280 FPS provides 0.72 Joules of power, whereas a 400 fps rifle delivers 1.48 Joules (2X the 280), a little over 1 ft/lbs of energy. The average airsoft rifle, firing about 370 FPS with a .20g BB will make 1.27 joules. If you are in England, most rifles are restricted to something like 328 FPS with a .20 to follow the 'One Joule Rule although I.

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EMG Falkor AR-15 Training Weapon M4 Airsoft Rifle FD-B 400 FPS Gun Model: AR-15, M4, Barrel Length: 10.5 in, w/ Free Shipping 390~400 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs) Thread Direction: 14mm Negative Gearbox: Ver 2 Full Metal, EMG Special Edition QD Spring Change Silver-Edge Gearbox. Fully Upgrade-able Motor: Long Type high torque performance. Wide selection of airsoft electric guns! Visit our site and choose from various, popular producers of airsoft replicas. Search Advanced search € Poland Muzzle Velocity: ~390 FPS; Manufacturer: Classic Army; 334,36 € / pcs 379,95. They are traditionally the least powerful of the bunch. If you're just learning to use an airsoft gun, it's a good idea to start with a spring airsoft gun. Gas. If you're looking for pure power, this is the way to go. Gas airsoft guns might use green gases or CO2, but the end result is the same Hi. i bought cyma cm028 from taiwan gun and its was firing around 370fps,so i bought a guarder sp100 spring thinking that i would drop the fps to below 350 which is the limit at my local site but its now firing at 385 to 390.Apart from the new spring i regreased the piston o ring and the gears (no grease on the gears whatsoever when i opened up the gearbox.So my question is which spring will. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle BT-L96 - 500 FPS The BT-L96 is one of the longest and heaviest sniper weapons available in the market and maybe in the world too thus making it more realistic. Construction: Like every top-rated, premium, and best selling popular airsoft sniper; barrel, bolt assembly, and the bipod is made of metal while the stock.

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OverviewBattery Charger Recommendation: Lancer Tactical recommends the use of a smart charger to avoid overcharging the battery (overcharged batteries may cause decreased airsoft gun performance and may shorten battery life significantly). Smart chargers not only shorten charge time significantly (up to 800% faster charging), but more importantly, also automatically shut off once the battery. Airsoft electric rifles, better known as AEGs (Airsoft electric guns), are perfect when just starting out. With surprising range, rate of fire and the ability to shine in a variety of roles, these rifles are the gold standard for quality Airsoft weaponry.Electric Airsoft gun options are an excellent beginner's choice Gun Model: AK-47 Color: Black/Brown Velocity: 390 fps Included Accessories: 8.4v NiMH Battery , Gun , Magazine , Manual , Wall Charger Code: 2BO-AF-ASEV6-12916 MPN: 1291 Popularly referred to as the HK 416, this AEG with an FPS of over 390, it is no doubt a powerful gun. From the unboxing stage, you can already have a feel of how heavy it is. It is because of its metallic body composition and the solid body build

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Submachine guns for airsoft - things to know Airsoft submachine guns provide a fire advantage during the game, but at the expense of a smaller range. This is the most popular weaponry of real security units and police special units 9.6V 2000mAh Nunchuck Replaces 390 FPS AK Airsoft M4 CQB RIS AEG Rifle quantity. Add to cart. SKU: ML-962000NC35 Category: Airsoft. Description ; Additional information ; Reviews (0) Most popular battery pack in Airsoft . Advanced NiMH battery technology - no battery memory effects This Gun comes with a deans connector and can be very picky about batteries. The ASG Airsoft 11.1v Deans LiPo Stick Battery is the correct battery for the gun! About the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO A1 Carbine: This is the Carbine version of the ASG CZ Scorpion Evo.This features a longer barrel and MLOK handguards so you can mount more accessories than the Evo SMG

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  1. A: The battery compartment is located in the stock of the Lancer Tactical M4 SD Gen 2 Airsoft Gun allowing you to use most panel or butterfly type batteries. The gearbox is fully lipo ready and able to be used with a 7.4v or 11.1v lipo battery
  2. In a 400 fps airsoft sniper of these 390 400 fps airsoft sniper rifle we 400 fps airsoft snipers quicken some of the scar airsoft rifles rasslings which would create snow-capped to destalinize the recreations with picturesque other,.
  3. Also Know, can a 400 FPS BB gun kill? The higher the muzzle velocity, the more lethal it becomes. At around 300 fps, BB guns are barely lethal even with the ideal target area and pinpoint accuracy. At 400 fps, BB guns become pretty lethal when the target is the eyes and face. 400+ fps with a steel BB or lead pellet will penetrate 3-4 inches of.

The maximum range of a BB gun with a velocity of between 390 and 590 fps is 220 to 330 meters (240 to 360 yards). Because they are made of steel, BB gun BBs are likely to ricochet off objects. This makes them far more likely to strike an unintended target than an airsoft BB. Airsoft Gun History. Airsoft began in Japan The Lancer Fast Trigger pushes about 20-25 RPS, and shoots consistently within a 2-3 FPS range. About Lancer Tactical: Lancer Tactical was established in 2012 to bring high performance airsoft products with innovation design to players, such as Enforcer AEGs, Proline Gen-2, Legion HPA system Fully Daniel Defense licensed Block2 forend made by SOCOM GEAR Features: FPS Range at 390-420 Based on WE AR system GBB Rifle Correct custom made 10.3inch CNC machined steel outer barrel Custom made CNC machined steel barrel nut Low profile dummy gas block and gas tube KAC style iron sight early type SOPMOD style stock, 4 positions adjustable Comes with 30rds WE polymer style magazine Spec.

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May 23, 2020 - Explore Airsoft How's board Airsoft Products, followed by 8966 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about airsoft, airsoft guns, rifle We surveyed spring full stock zm61a fps-390 tactical shotgun airsoft gun + 1000 bottle feeder... discounts, reviews, and sales over the previous 3 years for you at airsoftgunsi Heavy Machine Guns; Lancer Pistols; Goggles; Wholesale. Support. Contact; Warranty Registration; FAQ's; Blog. Sponsorships. Catalog. More. Quick View. Lancer Tactical LT-02 ProLine Series MOD 0 MK18 M4 Airsoft AEG [390 FPS] - TAN. Price $226.00. Quick View. Lancer Tactical M4A1 LT-06 Carbine ProLine Airsoft AEG [LOW FPS] - BLACK. Price $215.00. Muzzle Velocity at 390~420 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs and Green Gas) Vietnam Era Style XM16E1 Receiver without ribs. Vietnam Era Style XM16E1 Receiver Engraved. Vietnam Era Style XM16E1 Flash Hider . This is a custom made item, needs two to six weeks to handle. Get more Magazine for this gun: WE 20rd GBB Magazine. WE 30rd GBBr Magazin

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  1. Airsoft guns require finesse and federal regulations to ensure that normal activities are fruitful and safe for the participants. They can both be used for military training and for leisure recreational sessions. For a gas-powered model, take a look at the full-metal 390 FPS - G293 CO2 Powered Revolver. CO2 cartridges make this model.
  2. Shopwiki has thousands of results in Utg+m4+airsoft+gun+aeg+electric+airsoft+full+metal+combat+commando+rifle+fires+390+fps to choose from, find the best now
  3. FPS . Filter 200 (2) Filter 230 (1) Filter 240 (1) Filter 245 (1 Filter 390 (20) Filter 395 (4) Filter 400 (12) Filter 405 (5) Filter 410 (2) Filter 415 (2) Filter 425 (4) Filter 430 (2) Filter 450 (3) Filter 470 (3) Select an Airsoft Guns category: Airsoft Shotguns. Airsoft Sniper Rifles. Electric Airsoft Guns. Electric Airsoft Guns. Gas.
  4. Airsoft guns are replica toy guns used in airsoft sports. They are a special type of low-power smoothbore air guns designed to shoot non-metallic spherical projectiles often colloquially (but incorrectly) referred to as BBs, which are typically made of (but not limited to) plastic or biodegradable resin materials. Airsoft gun powerplants are designed to have low muzzle energy ratings.
  5. ator series. This long lasting Winchester M1887 design uses lever action for cycling and it holds 4+1 shells , 4 shells in the magazine tube and 1 in the breach, each shell is ejected on each cycle. Five shells are included, each capable of holding 1-3 6mm BB at a time. The gun is fully constructed in.
  6. All airsoft guns purchased from this site will have a (1/4 inch) permanent blazing orange tip as required by US law. Never take your airsoft gun into a public place and/or area. Do not shoot at or towards other individuals. All California airsoft guns will be shipped meeting California law and regulations

Get Images Library Photos and Pictures. Amazon Com Airsoft Guns 400 To 499 Fps Guns Rifles Airsoft Sports Outdoors Cyma Cm050a Tactical Ak 47 Fps 450 Electric Airsoft Assault Rifle Colt 1911 Gas Airsoft Bb Pistol Starter Kit Hfc Gg 107 Master Of Arms Ltd Cyma Cm036 Full Metal Akm Airsoft Electric Gun MP7 mayhem! The new KWA MP7 A1 Green Gas Airsoft Gun. Full trademarks compliments of Umarex and H&K (Heckler & Koch). A hard blowback submachine gun, its sure to scare all the cats in your neighborhood. KWA MP7A1 SMG - Gas powered quality components, made in Taiwan. Very compact and perfect for CQB battlefiel

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This is without a doubt one of the most powerful airsoft weapons out there and comes custom fitted with a full metal lipo 9mm custom gearbox. It has a firing power of 350-390 fps which is unusual for these types of weapons, but wow can it shoot ASG Airsoft Guns are available at Badlands Airsoft Canada in multiple types and models including pistols and rifles. Fast & Free shipping available. Give Us A Call: (800) 717-5314 26 Rounds Velocity: 390 FPS with 0.2g BB (avg) Magazine Type: CZ P-09. CDN$ 234.99 . SOLD OUT - Online. Wishlist . Compare . Quick view. CZ P-09 FDE Airsoft Gun.

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Type: Airsoft Pistol Manufacturer: WinGun Model: 708 Materials: Metal Weight: 804 g (1.77 lb) Length: 135 mm (5.31 in) Barrel: 63.5 mm (2.5 in), smoothbore Power Source: 12 g CO2 x 1 Action: Semi-automatic, non-blowback, single and double action Ammo Type: 6mm steel BBs Ammo Capacity: 6 rounds FPS: 390 Pros: Full metal construction for a solid feeling gun Overall exterior condition of the rifle has mild wear. This rifle's bolt release is non functioning. This rifles fires at 390 fps with .20g bbs. ~~~~~ L'état extérieur général de la carabine est légèrement usé. Le déverrouillage du verrou de ce fusil ne fonctionne pas. Ce fusil tire à 390 fps avec .20g de billes This gun is well put together and one of the best made guns from KWC we have seen to date, and all the control latches and such are crisp and secure. The 17 round magazine feeds 6mm BBs and takes a 12g CO2 capsule for power; the capsule gives the weapon a VERY hard and loud crack when firing, a strong cycle action and clocks 0.2g BBs at 390-400. These airsoft guns do include a rail system on top of the gun, which can be used to attach optics such as reflex sights. M4 / AR-15 Style Airsoft Rifles The M4 airsoft gun is modeled after the version that's commonly used by different branches of the United States Armed Forces and U.S Military M14 Airsoft Gun Spring Sniper Rifle 390-FPS M160B2... Umarex USA Walther Lever Action CO2 .177 Pellet Black Classic Army M15A4 Carbine Airsoft Electric Gun AR..

Airsoft Hero REVIEW: Cybergun Kalashnikov AK47 60th Anniversary Airsoft Electric Gun -ASTKilo23-Pridogy from ASTKilo23 reviews the Cybergun Kalashnikov AK47.. Our airgun warehouse stocks a huge assortment of bb guns, pellet guns, air rifles, air pistols, & bb gun accessories, along with an unrivaled selection of airsoft guns, blank guns, and air rifle scopes from all of the biggest brands in the industry. We have air guns for sale from top names such as: Gamo, Crosman, Beeman, Benjamin, Daisy BB Guns, and Air Arms Product Description The Mercenary 390 Compound Crossbow With Scope by CenterPoint is a great choice for your arsenal. With a lightweight composite stock and a CNC machined aluminum riser, this lightweight crossbow package will send a bolt downrange at speeds of 390 fps Best Cheap Airsoft Guns: Walther P99 Blowback. The Walther P99 Blowback pistol is an excellent choice if you are looking for a cheap yet dependable airsoft gun that won't break the bank. As with the real-life Walther P99, this airsoft pistol comes with an ambidextrous, paddle-style magazine release and a metal slide

Colt Licensed MK18 MOD1 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle by

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I am going to list off three gas blowback airsoft guns you can get started with for under $150! KWA M11A1 NS2 Gas Blowback Airsoft SMG. First on the list is going to be an SMG. The KWA M11A1 is a very under rated gun with range, accuracy, and a high rate of fire. Shooting around 350 FPS, this gun is perfect to take both indoors and outdoors Dec 13, 2012 - Amazon.com : Soft Air Thompson 1928 Electric Powered Airsoft Gun with Adjustable Hop-Up, 400-450 FPS : Airsoft Shotguns : Sports & Outdoor The pellet speed of spring-powered and automatic electric guns is determined in large part by the tension of the gun's main spring. Muzzle velocity limits are between 90 and 120 m/s (300 and 390 ft/s) for AEGs and 120 to 170 m/s (390-560 ft/s) for single-shot spring sniper rifles.. For comparison purposes, 3.00 g (46 3 ⁄ 10 gr) is the typical mass of a paintball pellet, and 0.2 g (3 9. We designed these packages to take advantage of the newer Milsim rules allowing SMGs to shoot full auto at 1 Joule. The SMG Optimized package will not only have a decent rate of fire in full auto, the Gate Titan allows incredible trigger response and sensitivity for semi auto

Airsoft Guns and Accessories. Is 300 fps fast for an airsoft gun? Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2011-12-22 01:25:41. Middle of the road The fastest Airsoft BB achieved by the Cybergun KWC Colt M1911 A1 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol was 386 fps and the slowest came in at 374 fps with a five shot average of 380 fps. I was actually a bit surprised at how hard this Airsoft pistol shot being that the 4.5mm steel BB version shoots closer to the 300 fps range Soft Air Kalishnikov AK47 Electric Powered Full Metal Airsoft Rifle with Adjustable Hop-Up, 390-430 FPS POWERFUL ELECTRIC: 390-430 FPS with .20 gram ammo via a 8.4v 1600mAh small stick type battery READY TO PLAY: Shoots 6 millimeter ammo in full and semi-automatic Best prices on Rifle fps electric airsoft gun in Hunting & Archery Equipment. Check out Bizrate for great deals on popular brands like Airsoft, Allen Company and Colt. Use Bizrate's latest online shopping features to compare prices. Read product specifications, calculate tax and shipping charges, sort your results, and buy with confidence

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