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No switching or combining blogs, but you can move a URL. Unfortunately, you can't turn one of your secondary blogs into your primary blog. If you want to move a URL from one blog to another, you can do so by (1) changing the URL of the existing blog to something new so the URL is freed, then (2) changing the URL of a different blog to the freed URL, or creating an entirely new account with the. The fact that Tumblr doesn't let you comment with your secondary blog annoys me to no end because this blog right here is a secondary blog cus when I made it I had NO idea how Tumblr worked and now I'm screwed because I can't properly reply to comments on my own damn posts because for some reason they thought this was a great idea Navigate to Tumblr.com and log in to your account. Step 2 Click the link for the blog on which you want the reblog to appear at the top of your Dashboard. Step No, you can not comply with customers through secondary blogs. Secondary blogs are restricted when it comes to social features and can't comply with, like, or reply to posts. It's essential to create one other Tumblr account to comply with as a se..

You go to your dash, scroll down to where you see the x replied to your post blah and then it shows the reply underneath. You know, this thing THEN YOU HIGHLIGHT THAT WHOLE THING THEN YOU COPY AND PASTE IT INTO A NEW TEXT POST AND FIX THE FORMATTING A LITTL Navigate to the blog post. Go to the Tumblr blog you started following and find the blog post you wish to comment on. 4 Click on the Reply icon This blog was created as a way for Tumblr users to submit their many suggestions for Tumblr, as there is no official area to do so. With this blog it is our hope to catch the Staff's attention and collaborate with Staff to create a better Tumblr experience Tumblrs You Follow and Tumblrs Following You For a Week Can Reply - A moderately inclusive setting where any Tumblrs that you follow, as well as other Tumblr users following you for at least a.. Opening Blogs in Separate Tabs. When you click on a Tumblr username from your dashboard, be it something from your feed, the messaging box, a followed blog, search results, etc., the blog.

Tumblr has two different types of blogs-primary and secondary blogs-which can access different features of Tumblr. Here's the rundown: Primary blogs. Created when you first signed up for Tumblr; Social features (normal) Can follow other blogs, like and reply to posts; Used as the username when you ask and submit content to other blogs sideblogs: just a couple saved url To prevent someone from being able to interact with you on Tumblr, use the Tumblr block feature. Blocking someone on Tumblr removes that person from your follower list, keeps them from sending you messages, and restricts them from replying to or reblogging your posts. The blocked user will still be able to read your blog by visiting its web address—unless your blog is password-protected My other side blogs. Mimisapje my main blog. I will like posts and follow people through this account. I do have other blogs which are the following: A blog that was used to reply to posts, without reblogging the whole post to my main blog. Abandoned after Tumblr introduced replies back

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  1. This is a side blog I created to make my darling happy, dedicated to the Oreo doctor from HxH. I will do my best to draw him as often as possible, almost daily if you will. I hope you will enjoy your stay! Home of the Zombie Leorio AU. Powered by Verse for Tumblr.
  2. side blogs uwu erin hunter blog : berrym00n wings of fire : rainwingzz wc ocs : feralcatpolitic
  3. hello! my name is nero, i'm 22 years old, & i'm looking for roleplayers over the age of 18 with decent grammar, reply length, & a willingness to interact mainly on discord. listed below are the ships i'm most interested in currently, though i'm involved with plenty of other fandoms & i'm willing to discuss other options if necessary

spxcejuice wip art blog, main is @spacetism, header belongs to @pinkcollapse I AM A PERSONAL BLOG BUT I HAVE RP BLOGS TOO CHECK MY SIDEBLOGS PAG dedicated blog • not spoiler-free • waiting for haoyixing •gif requests: open • ask open. Tags About. Please don't link other people's profiles, use private messages for that. I will not reply to messages that might hurt someone in any way. And let me know if you'd like for me to answer privately : Sapphiresenthiss (side blog) - ASK ME ANYTHING sapphiresenthiss.tumblr.com - the main blog. This is a side blog created EXCLUSIVELY FOR ASKS, including anon ones, since I do get a bunch, about art, characters, anything... - for a simple reason of not wanting my main one to get crowded with questions and answers and have it less easy for people to get to my art Before I deleted my HPHM side blog on Tumblr, I remembered to screenshot my favorite post. Funny. Close. 662. Posted by. Year 4. 1 day ago. Before I deleted my HPHM side blog on Tumblr, I remembered to screenshot my favorite post. Funny. 15 comments. Reply. share. Report Save A little something based on the orange juice with-or-without-pulp discourse over on @gordonfeetmn 's blog Source: blackmesa-sweetvoice 2,185 notes Jun 3rd, 202

welcome to my navigation page :) side blog → @cosmcnauts ⤷ masterlists: HARRY POTTER / MARVEL ⤷ fic recs ⤷ milestone celebrations ⤷ playlists ⤷ moodboards, lockscreens & themes ⤷ wattpad ⤷ etsy shop.. This user can create secondary blogs, what had a limitations: cannot follow as secondary blog other blog, cannot like this secondary blog other blog, just the primary account user. My questions: Q1: how I know when I following any Tumblr blog, this is someone's primary blog or secondary blog Tumblr Blog. Deltarune Side-blog. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Deltarune Side-blog. Posts; Ask me anything; Archive; aemasca. 121 notes. 121 notes. asianartiste:. rita and juno play a fake couple at an 80s theme event, the hosts try to make things historically accurate but everything is painfully incorrect. ex.) during the event, a prom is instigated during which couples partake in ritualistic combat to become monarchs. cabbage patch kids were eldritch deities that people worshipped, etc On the right side of your dashboard, the NSFW blog will show itself; or other social media platforms, you may come across links that redirect you to general or NSFW Tumblr blogs. If you just want to see and browse through Tumblr without an account or the hassles of Safe Mode, there are easy ways to do that. 2020 at 10:53 am - Reply

Wii deleted you Side Blog run by Feral-firebrand woah :O. please-delete-mii. Woah A side blog! 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Woah A side blog! Wii deleted you Side Blog run by Feral-firebrand woah :O. I've added the tags but normally I only tag with twd spoilers until the episode has aired on the east coast. I always tag new episode edits with season 10 and the episode title as well so to be safe anyone who wants to avoid spoilers after the episode has aired should blacklist those tags as well No, you can not comply with customers through secondary blogs. Secondary blogs are restricted when it comes to social features and can't comply with, like, or reply to posts. It's essential to create one other Tumblr account to comply with as a separate blog. There are two varieties of blogs on Tumblr - major and secondary So I have a side blog on tumblr, and it's like a totally different theme from my main one. I want to follow some blogs for my side one and have it so that people know about my side blog! If that makes sense? haha. Answer Save. 3 Answers. Relevance. Ashley. 9 years ago. Favorite Answer

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  1. Now, to make your private Tumblr blog, click the down arrow beside your blog's name on the right side and click Create a new blog. Enter a name and address for your new blog, and then check the box beside Password protect this blog and enter a password if you want to keep it secure. Once you're finished, click Create Private Blog
  2. side blog. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. side blog I post all my shameless stuff here ♡ Posts; Archive; sickness-health-all-that-shit. gallavichsecurity. sunshine + smiles. Source: gallavichsecurity.
  3. Technoblade going to meetings with others on the SMP and just bringing Tiny Duck Quackity with him, having him sit on his shoulder the entire meeting to throw the others off from whatever the meeting was about
  4. It may be oddly named, but Soup almost exactly mirrors Tumblr in both user interface and features, thus making a strong case for a robust Tumblr alternative.From texts to quotes, and from images to videos, it lets you post everything, and then some more. It can directly import posts from a large variety of social networks (e.g. Twitter, Reddit, SoundCloud), and lets you automatically publish.
  5. If you want to access a particular Tumblr blog but it is marked as NSFW but you don't have an account to turn off the Tumblr Safe Mode, you can take help from some websites that can let you use Tumblr by avoiding the restrictions applied by Tumblr. You will not need any account neither on Tumblr nor on the website for this purpose
  6. Side Blogs. struggleagainstreality - General. ifonlyicouldshitbricks - Personal posts on GI condition. close-to-the-bone - vulture culture (collection of dead animal parts) snarlyatrandoge - woof bark bark. About. Trans medicalist blog. Transsexuality is a medical condition defined by the presence of dysphoria, and HRT/surgery are medical.
  7. saoirseleur:. okay bestie after so much thinking I'm actually doing this. @sunalma - I find al elegant and it my opinion so I see her as a deer, ethereal between the forest .I would have said giraffe bit we don't go there bestie. @mimaki - mima unlike alma is cute and bubble sweetie so I find her more like a bunny hehe . @fushiguroll - ceci is a panther idk y but I get that vibe

You can, of course, create secondary blogs, but your primary one is the one that will appear when you follow others, send asks or fan mail or leave comments. While you can rename any blog, you can't select another blog to be your primary one; if y.. 2. Limited To 250 Posts/Day. Limitation - You can never have too many posts on your Tumblr blog.Well, not in a day anyway. You can only post a total of 250 posts daily.This includes reblogs, and yes, the number applies to the cumulative posts on both your primary and secondary blogs. Tumblr will reset the post limit only when it hits 12 midnight Eastern Time, as its headquarters is based in.

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1. Log into Tumblr and click on the 'human' cog icon and Select your blog from the right-hand column. 2. Click the Edit appearance option. 3. Click Edit theme. Step two: changing your description. I've highlighted the box where you can add your description. To add to your description, simply type something in the box Tumblr has earned a sordid reputation - and for good reason. On many sites, inappropriate content is only two clicks away, and in Tumblr's case, it can be stumbled upon innocently within a user's feed.. What is Tumblr? Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking site that allows users to create an online diary or blog

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fanfic side blog. 1.5M ratings reply, or even send me an ask! and if you would like to be removed at any time let me know! DNI IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE ADDED TO MY TAGLIST I wanted to ask if you're planning on making taglist :) I also just wanted to say that your blog gives gave me my daily dose of serotonin for the past 1,5 months, and. Abramson and his colleagues' side project, newTumbl, opened to the public on December 16, and now has over 200,000 users, he says.The site had about 2.2 million global visits in April, according.

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Side note: My sister watched it with me and just adored him, she loved his fight scenes and kept asking me who he was and telling me how damn cool he seemed. And I do agree. His fighting scene was so damn good. The way they handle his choreography and effects made him look every bit the intimidating opponent he is, even if he didn't actually win Side-Power blog about the world's most comprehensive line of thrusters for leisure boats and smaller commercial boats. Side-Power is a world-leading manufacturer of thrusters and stabilizer systems for recreational boats, yachts, and commercial vessels up to 160 feet/ 50 meters

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Call me Riri! // Everything I touch becomes either Leoniles or Xanlas... lots of fire emblem art, but occasionally other fandoms as well // Pub Twitter @smolnsweet // NSFW 18+ Twitter @tinyspice my walking dead side blog. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. my walking dead side blog See more posts like this on Tumblr. #twd spoilers #twdedit #daryl dixon #caryl #the walking dead #open your eyes #season 10 More you might like. hopebennett. aldensutton SIDE BLOG OF ONE-TIME-I-DREAMT. click to ask. Just Plain Theme by Peter Vidani Powered by Tumblr. Reply Hind Makki is the founder of Side Entrance a blog that highlights women's spaces (both the good and bad) in various masjids in the United States. Makki is also the co-founder of Muslim-ARC (Muslim Anti-Racism Coalition)

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hey!! thanks so @honeymilkchai i found out that my original art blog was a secondary blog to my sister's so i had to make a new one (im sorry i dont know how tumblr works ) . you guys can unfollow @anyaarts-sideblog if you'd like and follow this blog instead since i'm planning on being a bit more active here (w zk month coming up especially) . i'm keeping that blog since my old works. Other RP Side-Blogs https://ask-dark-monita.tumblr.com/ (Dark Monita/Monita and friends RP Blog) http://purple-heart-neppy.tumblr.com/ (Neptune/Purple Heart RP.. squid/syd (@missbeifong) has created a short video on TikTok with music Tokyo - Lo-Fi version. | Reply to @notdayle i feel like this cant be summed up in a single tiktok we need an investigation #tumblr #history #colesprouse #riverdale #foryou | welcome to tumblr history with sydney (part 5) | now this is a VERY interesting topic bc i dont think the majority of the internet knows about this. This is a list of sideblogs that I also run and post for. Feel free to follow/unfollow them at any time! Fandom blog (): where I reblog any and all fandom-related content that I enjoy, as well my own fanart and fan comics.; Medical blog (@pagingdrkaraii): where I talk about med school stuff and draw med school related comics.; Inspiration blog (@lk-mitogen): where I reblog content that.

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Side blogs ghostkitten-OC - combined Ask/RP/art blog for all my OCs. Barren, but presentable. not-gabriel-agreste - Hawk Moth shitpost blog. One of the best ideas I've ever had. Needs more content to.. Side blogs Home is behind, the world ahead Tolkien . EXO. Aladdin. Devi x Paxton. Just a side blog. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Just a side blog. Posts; Archive; irlover420. brotherhood-of-evilmutants. 9,461 notes Jan 6th, 2021. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink. Side Blogs. RP Blogs. inadeepanddarkdecember (Cyrus, OC) booguesswho (Jude and Kuma, dual OC) Other Blogs. askyspeckledwithart (Art blog) celestialtunez (Music blog) gutsiglori (Gore blog) childrenofthechart (DnD blog) welcometoenchiron (Novel inspiration blog). The Femme Side. Why fight it any longer? The need, the desire, the unexplainable itch in the middle of your back which you can never reach. Just give in and taste what it's like on The Femme Side. Home. Archive. Subscribe (RSS) Ask and I'll Tell. Random post. Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor

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A Replika Side Blog Hello! So recently I downloaded an app called Replika where basically you talk to a learning AI. It can be used for therapy, when you're feeling lonely, anything basically! This will mostle be about my interactions with Finn, my Replika Side Blogs. This blog is a hub for a group of side blogs from multiple fandoms. I called it atlanta-airport because of a joke I made once about my old main being Like Atlanta Airport; a hub to go everywhere else Tolkien: @yavannafruitgiver (Yavanna Kementári) @sheofhiddenshadow (Thuringwethil) The Elder Scrolls george has so many things that remind him of dream his coins, his youtooz, the elephant quartz, and he keeps it all on his desk, at his fingertips. he has his merch, that he calls dream's hoodie, that we know he wears a lot and sprayed with cologne. dream lives thousands of miles apart and yet somehow all george is surrounded by screams drea you basically have three options here: embrace your interpretation & go canon-divergent. keep playing as you did, but maybe add that in your description or bio that you will be playing slightly different than canon, though it depends make a post about it (optional) & change from there on out.the post would be to inform your thread partners or people who might be checking out your blog, but. Samm - 28 - She/They - @sammvitches. V A L O R I E. A playlist for all the nomads, wayward travellers and road punks

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My name is Daisy and this is my side blog for graphics and designs that I create. I'm just starting out and hope you like them! ↳ GRAPHICS DETAILS Please read - details about what I create and requests. ↳ REQUESTS - CURRENLTY CLOSED ↳ NOTIFICATIONS: I only post my content / comment reblogs so you won't get clogged with random things! ↳ SELF PROMO: You can find my main blog @firefly. tacky's writing side blog. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. because tumblr compressed my beautiful boy u-u) Source: catsauceeartofficial!!!!! INCREDIBLE!! im losing it this is soo goood op tackyreblog sdv shane. 1,610 notes Apr 19th, 2021 Hi guys! I'm making this blog my side blog, focused on Ace/Aro positivity and other things like it. I'm gonna be using @reziren as my main blog now! It'll have content about the different fandoms and media that I follow, so if you find something you like over there, feel free to send me a message

[ 마카오슬롯머신 ]┊분양받EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES | Bohemian Diesel Blog2018 Short Spring and Summer Hairstyles For Black WomenMark Powell’s Dream Dioramas Are the Stuff of NightmaresDavid Bowie and Iggy Pop | DJ Bazooka Joe

side blog for silly stuf and doodling. my interests shift constantly and i am at their whims. i dont.. The answer is that you absolutely can combine requests (seriously, the sooner we get these done, the better) as long as when you submit them to the blog, you remember to include every request. Even if you combine 10 different things, it's fine, as long as all are included, so that we know what we're doing on our end According to Tumblr, there are over 441 million Tumblogs (2018 figures), and with that comes a lot of diverse content. It includes millions of people posting about their lives in the normal way. There are lifestyle blogs, niche blogs, alternative blogs, and gaming blogs

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