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  5. The weather throughout April in Thailand is simply hot. Average temperatures can soar well above 35° C and the heat can be unbearable. In the middle of April, it is the Thai New Year (Songkran) during which giant water battles are held throughout the country
  6. Thailand Weather in April The weather throughout Thailand in April is really hot - the average temperature frequently reaching more than 35°C. The heat in Bangkok and central Thailand (around Kanchanaburi) can be particularly oppressive. The weather in the south is slightly cooler and the east coast beaches are the best choice in April
  7. April's weather in detail The heat in Bangkok and central Thailand (around Kanchanaburi) can be particularly oppressive, making sightseeing hard work, so plan for shorter experiences rather than all-day visits

Get the monthly weather forecast for Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead Thailand Weather in April April in Thailand is hot very hot! Afternoon temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius. Thankfully, April is also when the biggest water fight in the world is held, in honor of Songkran, the Thai New Year Weather in Thailand in April April is one of the hottest months in Thailand, with temperatures soaring above 30°C. The scorching heat is a menace, and it can get quite sultry. It is advisable to stay indoors and explore the places after sunset when it is relatively cooler Temperature In April In a nutshell, April is hot in the tropical countries. However, northern and north-eastern parts of Thailand have extremely high temperatures, reaching 40*C in the day. The central part is slightly less hot but can be quite humid in anticipation for the monsoon

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The month of April is quite hot in Thailand. So, the average temperature of Thailand in April is about 30 degrees Celsius. Thus, the highest temperature is about 35 degrees Celsius and the lowest is 25 degrees Celsius. What type of clothes should I carry while traveling to Thailand in April Weather ☀ ⛅ Thailand ☀ ⛅ April ☀ ⛅ Information on temperature, sunshine hours, water temperature & rainfall in April for Thailand April is a hot and slightly rainy time for sunbathing in Thailand.April is an excellent month for swimming in Thailand with very warm sea temperatures. Consider visiting Thailand in the months of January, February, March, December, for the best beach weather.Also consider one of our other suggestions for April

The climate of Bangkok in april is tolerable In april in Bangkok, the climateis wet (with 1.7in of precipitation over 9 days). It should be noted a worsening from the previous month since in march there is an average of 1in of precipitation over 6 days. The climate is very warm around this city the month of april Weather Thailand's weather in April is quite dry but pretty hot. Temperatures are normally from mid to high-30s in most places of the country making travel sometimes rather uncomfortable. Anyway, there is always somewhere to escape the heat and to enjoy your time Thailand weather in April 2021. Get the latest coronavirus (Covid-19) updates for Thailand with current travel advice and statistics on new cases per 100,000 and vaccine.. Below are average maximum temperatures at popular destinations in Thailand in April. Select a destination to see more weather parameters Average rainfall in April is 150mm falling over 10 to 11 days which has increased from the dry season of 30 to 40mm falling in December to March. At the height of the monsoon, Phuket will see up to 21 days of rainfall with 200 to 400mm falling in a month. September is by far the wettest season The average daily maximum is 33 C and the average daily minimum is 25 C

April is the fun month for Thailand - both locals and intrepid tourists brave the heat and take to the streets between 13 th and 15 th April across the country for the traditional Buddhist New Year festival of Songkran. Unsurprisingly, given the hot weather, the celebrations take the form of crowds water-bombing each other - the parties. April sees the hottest average temperature of the year in Bangkok, Thailand. The daily average temperature for Bangkok during April is around 31°C, which is extremely warm. But temperatures at the hottest part of the day can each 35°C. Overnight lows are around 26°C Thailand's high season is November to February, when the weather is generally at its best throughout the country. In northern Thailand dry season is between November & May; June to October is characterised by heavy rainfall and temperatures are cooler between October & January Thailand in April: Travel Tips, Weather, and More Depending on the type of vacation you're looking for, April can be a great month to visit Thailand. Yes, the hot weather deters many tourists—but it's also the month of the Songkran festival, one of Southeast Asia's biggest celebrations, which brings in masses of tourists to celebrate Thailand weather in April April can bring extremely high temperatures throughout Thailand, particularly in the north and north-east of the country. With summer temperatures often nudging 40°C (104°F) it makes sense to try to plan any activities and sightseeing for the morning or late afternoon wherever possible

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  1. Super hot, April is actually the hottest month and depending on where you are going temps can easily be in excess of 35C. The little rain and ofcourse Songkran can be a godsend in the April temps. Regard
  2. Average Weather in April in Bangkok Thailand. Daily high temperatures are around 95°F, rarely falling below 89°F or exceeding 99°F.The highest daily average high temperature is 95°F on April 17.. Daily low temperatures are around 80°F, rarely falling below 76°F or exceeding 84°F.. For reference, on April 15, the hottest day of the year, temperatures in Bangkok typically range from 80°F.
  3. While the central and northern parts of the country are baking in high temperatures, the southern part of Thailand enjoys some excellent weather. Beach goers find ideal coastal temperatures with daily averages between the high 20s to mid 30s. On the Gulf side of the south, things stay relatively dry for the month, while on the Andaman side, the.
  4. Thailand Weather in April The weather throughout Thailand in April is really hot - the average temperature frequently reaching more than 35°C. The heat in Bangkok and Central Thailand (around Kanchanaburi) can be particularly oppressive. The weather in the south is slightly cooler and the east coast beaches are the best choice in April
  5. Weather in April April, the same as March, in Songkhla, Thailand, is a hot spring month, with average temperature fluctuating between 25.4°C (77.7°F) and 32.5°C (90.5°F)
  6. 21 - 30 April: During the first half of the period, the heat low pressure cell covering upper Thailand caused hot weather in almost of the areas in upper Thailand with very hot weather in some areas in the northern and northeastern parts during this time. After that temperature decreased but hot weather was still persisting in some areas
  7. Average April daytime temperature in Bangkok is +93 °F, night +86 °F. This data was obtained from our Bangkok weather archive. Cloudy clear - 12 days Overcast - 18 days Wind average wind speed is 4.5 mph Pressure 29.7 inHg Precipitation rain / snow / hail - 1 day

Thailand > Bangkok > Bangkok > April. Bangkok Weather and Climate in April Are you planning a holiday with hopefully nice weather in Bangkok in April 2021? Here you can find all information about the weather in Bangkok in April: >>Overview: Bangkok Weather and Climate in April >>Bangkok weather by month // weather average In April, the weather is comparable to Russia in July, only hotter, of course, the scorching sun, the temperature to aim for 35 and above. At this time in Thailand high humidity, which, together with the hot sun doing a long exposure to the outdoors is not quite comfortable. Heat season ends in may During this cool season, the temperature ranges from 18 to 32 degrees Celsius in Bangkok, while in northern and northeast Thailand, temperatures can get quite cool with morning temperatures as low as eight to 12 degrees Celsius with the occasional 20 degree day Monthly Weather Summary in Thailand April 2015 Under the influence of a heat low pressure cell which covered upper Thailand, hot to very hot weather occurred in several areas especially during April 19-21, when very hot weather persisted in upper Thailand and in some areas of upper southern part The rainy season in Thailand varies depending on the region and is influenced by the monsoon. In most of Thailand rainy season is experienced from May to October. The rainy season on the east coast of Southern Thailand (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan) normally starts later and can last until the beginning of December.. For most of Thailand, the most rainfall is accumulated in September and October.

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  1. Average Weather in April in Chiang Mai Thailand. Daily high temperatures are around 96°F, rarely falling below 88°F or exceeding 102°F.The highest daily average high temperature is 97°F on April 13.. Daily low temperatures increase by 4°F, from 71°F to 75°F, rarely falling below 67°F or exceeding 79°F.. For reference, on April 13, the hottest day of the year, temperatures in Chiang.
  2. Past Weather in Chiang Mai, Thailand — April 2019 Weather Today Weather Hourly 14 Day Forecast Yesterday/Past Weather Climate (Averages) Currently: 82 °F
  3. Thailand is typically prone to typhoons from June through December, although they are more common from September to November. Indian Ocean cyclones can occur year-round due to the warm sea but are most common between April and December. In general, Thailand is less affected by storms than its Southeast Asian neighbors
  4. Visiting Thailand in April. More excellent weather during April and the visitor numbers continue to rise. Be sure to book your accommodations far in advance to get the best choice of hotels. Traveling over Songkran (Thai New Year) means you can have great fun joining in the celebrations, but it is likely to be busier. Events & Festival
  5. Daytime temperatures usually reach 33°C in Phuket in April with very high heat and humidity, falling to 24°C at night. How sunny is it in Phuket in April? There are normally 8 hours of bright sunshine each day in Phuket in April - that's 64% of daylight hours. How warm is the sea around Phuket in April

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The weather in Thailand Weather forecast for 11 April 2021. 21-24 °C 34-39 °C 22-25 °C 34-36 °C 23-26 °C 36-38 °C 23-25 °C 32-37 °C. 22-26 °C 32-35 °C 22-26 °C 34-36 °C Northern Thailand Temperature: 21-24 °C / 34-39 °C Attention, today there may be thunderstorms, and it will be very hot.. The weather in Thailand Weather forecast for 6 April 2021. 21-23 °C 25-30 °C 21-25 °C 29-37 °C 22-24 °C 29-32 °C 24-25 °C 30-34 °C. 23-26 °C 30-34 °C 22-26 °C 33-34 °C Northern Thailand Temperature: 21-23 °C / 25-30 °C Attention, today there may be thunderstorms and it will be quite warm.. Four Quick Facts about Thailand Weather. Most travelers choose to visit Thailand between November and February, resulting in higher prices for accommodation and flights. The hottest month is April, and the coldest December. The wettest month is September, with an average of 220mm of rainfall April and May are the hottest months in Phuket. At least we are sure of that, and it never fails. The sky is usually blue, and the sea is very calm. Temperature can reach 40˙C, and everyone in Thailand is celebrating the end of the warm season by throwing water at each other

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I am going to Thailand in April, after Chiang Mai we're flying in to Phuket, however from there I am stumped about which islands to go to and woul dlove to hear your thoughts. I have about 10 days to get from Phuket (is it worth staying a few days on phuket?) see a few islands and fly back up to Bangkok (can fly rom Phuket or Krabi) The climate of Thailand is tropical, with three distinct seasons: - a hot season from March to mid-May; - a rainy season due to the southwest monsoon, which generally runs from mid-May to October; - a dry and relatively cool season from November to February, when the north-east monsoon, coming from the Asian continent, prevails.However, the relatively cool season is felt in the north and in. There are different weather seasons in different parts of Thailand.The Wet Season in the south on the west coast, which includes Phuket, Khao Lak, Krabi, Ko Lanta, runs from May to October with April usually being hotter than most months, rain typically if it comes in thunderstorms in the afternoon that soon clear.Khao Lak where we stay from November to April each year is only an hour or so. The best time to visit Phuket is between November and April when weather conditions are ideal for beach activities, such as swimming and boating. The six months between May and October are monsoon..

Thailand began keeping national weather records after 1950. On April 28, Mae Hong Son recorded the hottest temperature on record in Thailand topping out at 112.3 degrees Fahrenheit (44.6 degrees. Nothing is set in stone of course, and the weather is changing worldwide to sometimes prolong various seasons or cut them short, but if blue sky and sun is your goal then April-May and August-September are seasons where I found more reliable days of sunshine in a row in that part of Thailand than in the Nov-Dec phase, which can be truly nasty weather wise on Samui if it's a particularly bad rainy season Answer 11 of 15: Hi TA members, I am visitng thailand on a trip next month. Can anybody advice on the temperature during this time? Will it be really hot or moderate temp? What should be the advice on clothing? I am 25 yrs old grl and plans to be on honeymoon.. Thailand weather in Bangkok and the centre. The central of Thailand has seasons that are quite defined with April being the hottest month, causing a number of Bangkokians to flee for other cooler provinces. The temperature in Bangkok and neighbouring cities is mostly hot, with an average temperature being around 35-37° Although April is mostly considered the last dry month in places such as Thailand, the heat is at its peak for the year. So many months without rain mixed with seasonal crop burning by local farmers makes the air hazy and smoky, especially in Northern Thailand. By April, local residents are ready for the rain to begin

The weather's dominated by the two monsoon seasons; November to April's north eastern monsoon brings drier conditions than May to October's south western monsoon, when you'll get warmer, cloudier and more humid weather Weather reports from May 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand with highs and low Visiting Thailand in April. More excellent weather during April and the visitor numbers continue to rise. Be sure to book your accommodation far in advance to get the best choice of hotels. Travelling over Songkran (Thai New Year) means you can have great fun joining in the celebrations, but it is likely to be busier. Events & Festival

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  1. The weather in Samui in April is so hot that a thorough soaking during Songkran comes as a blessed relief! Naturally, the 29°C/83°F temperatures with a mere 80mm of rainfall expected over five days of the month (usually in the evenings or at night) makes it one of the more popular times to visit the island paradise
  2. im of to puckett in april, It's the warmest month of the year in most parts of Thailand, so expect it to be hot, around 33-35 C during the day (91-95 F)
  3. April in Thailand is either hot or oppressively hot with average temperatures in the high 30s (high-90s Fahrenheit). The central region, including Bangkok, is oppressively hot. Be sure to ask for an air-conditioned room and site seeing can be difficult due to the heat so make sure that you plan for shorter day tours. Northern Thailand, such as Chiang Mai, continues to be hazy
  4. The weather in Thailand progresses from hot to hotter during March, the mercury rising by increments as April (the hottest month of the year) approaches, along with the rainy season

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The best time to visit Thailand is between November and early April. Not only is it the driest part of the year in the Land of Smiles, but it's also the warmest - temperatures hover between 32 and 36 degrees, with up to nine hours of sunshine a day In April, as the weather of the North continues to warm up, the heat gap between different parts of Vietnam gradually narrows down. In Hanoi and its vicinity, the daily average temperature rises by 5°C compared with the previous months and remain in the 25°C-30°C. April features some drizzling days but for the most part is less misty than March In central Vietnam, April is most ideal to visit Da Nang city with average temperature of 27-29 degrees Celsius. The beaches have blue water and calm waves. Best tours in Vietnam in April: Hanoi - Halong - Ninh Binh 4 Days Hanoi - Halong - Sapa 7 Days Vietnam Glance Tour from North to South 9 Days. May Weather in Vietnam during Ma April 28 th is Champions Day, which is one of the greatest international horse racing tournaments in Hong Kong.Featuring three top contests in one day, this is an exciting event for horse racing fanatics. The 23 rd day of the third lunar month (the end of April) is the Birthday of Tin Hau.On this day, more than 70 Tin Hau temples in Hong Kong will host celebrations Answer 1 of 11: Hey anyone out there who is in Krabi at the moment - please help. We are arriving in Krabi on the 15th April this year and I can't find any two weather forecasts that are saying the same thing !! some are saying sunny skies others are saying..

Temperatures start to warm up on the island in April, as they do across Thailand, and April is the month when the Thai festival of Songkran is celebrated. Traditionally this is where water is sprinkled upon each other to bestow blessings and provide relief from the heat - however, these days Songkran is more likely to be celebrated with water. Phetchabun 7 day weather forecast including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind, visibility, humidity and UV (Thailand) weather. Find a forecast. Monday 26 April. Maximum daytime temperature: 37 degrees Celsius; Minimum nighttime temperature: 25 degrees Celsius.. Phuket - Thailand's largest island, best known for its beaches. Koh Chang and the Eastern Gulf of Thailand. September will finally see the weather on Koh Chang and its surrounding areas improve. After three months of intense rainfall, the beach weather is on its way back. But chances of showers remain significant until November What is the Best Thailand Resort to Visit in April? Information below will help you to choose the right place to visit in Thailand in April. You can find warmest resort with less rains and more sunny hours during the day. We also provide information about sea water temperature so you can find the best place for your trip Weather Thailand - April, May, June - PROMOTHAI. Real Estate in Thailand: Pattaya, Hua Hin, Samui, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangko

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The climate of Pattaya is tropical, hot all year round, with a dry season from December to April, and a rainy season from May to mid-November due to the southwest monsoon Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Tourist season in Thailand is from mid-October until the end of March. During that time, the weather in Thailand is bearable, so tourists love to come. During off-season though, the summer months, it is a completely different story. From April until the end of September, the heat in Thailand is off the. Khao Lak weather is cosy all year round. As in the other provinces in southern Thailand, there are three periods through the year that define the climate in Khao Lak and Phang Nga Province: high season is from November to March; hot season is from April to May; and low season is from June to October Phuket, Thailand. April avg high: 92°F/33°C; April avg low: 77°F/25°C; April avg precip: 4.8″/12.0cm; While April is technically part of the high season for hotels in Phuket, you should really be able to find a very good deal on a beachfront resort this time of year

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Answer 1 of 8: Hello, My husband and I are considering traveling to Thailand over my April break for 10 days. We know it is not an ideal amount of time to travel this far...but are wondering if we can do it in this amount of time. Unfortunately this is the amount.. Thailand is located between vast areas of land and water, so it is impacted by both the summer and the winter monsoons. As a result, Thailand weather consists of six months of rainfalls during the wet season, three months of dry and cooling breezes during the winter, and three months of heat during the summer

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The month of April brings with it the rainy season in Phuket. The dry season (from November to March) finishes and gives way to a much more humid season (with, for example, 160mm of rainfall in April). The weather comfort index score for the month reflects this climatic change and goes from 52/100 at the beginning to 44/100 at the end April is the warmest month in Thailand. During the month of May the rainy season starts in the greater part of the country. The rain makes for less hot temperatures. During this period temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius are uncommon

April sees the best mix of weather both inland and on Peru's coast; it's sunny and warm in Lima, and dry and temperate in the Andes. Since the rainy season has just ended, the air is clear, and the fields are green and lush, dotted with the yellow, pink, and mauve hues of quinoa, amaranth, lupines, and potatoes ready to harvest From December through to February you will experience the best possible weather. If weather is important to you, then this would be the best time to visit thailand weather wise. The Rainy Season In Thailand. As the winter finishes and spring and summer begin, the weather starts to shift towards more humidity. This causes more rainfall Thailand is at its hottest in April with high humidity and temperatures rising up to 40⁰C. There can be short showers which offer welcome relief from the heat. Rain is more likely on the west coast in Phuket and Khao Lak while the east coast offers better weather for those wanting to snorkel, dive or sunbathe

The southern part of Thailand, stretching down past beachy Phuket, is defined by two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season spans from December until May, and temperatures range from around 25 to 32 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit Thailand's southern parts is during the dry season from around November to April Thailand's weather is controlled by monsoon wind changes that create two basic seasons : dry and wet. From November to April the northeast monsoon coming off the asian continent brings drier cooler weather

The average sea surface temperature in April 2020 for Koh Kood was 91.5°F.The maximum and minimum values were 90.6°F and 92.2°F respectively The hottest time in Krabi is April - May, with temperatures ranging from 80°F to 95°F (27°C up to 36°C). There are frequent short heavy thundery showers. They offer a welcome relief from the high temperatures and humidity. The Thai New Year (Songkran) occurs on April 13th and everyone sprinkles (or throws) cool water on each other In April, weather conditions in Malaysia make it a relatively bad trip destination. Among our chosen destinations (see below), the average temperatures you'll face in April would be between 24.5°C and 33.5°C, with exceptional possible peaks as low as 21°C and high as 37°C as observed in previous years what will the weather be like in thailand for april/march? im of to puckett in april, Answer Save. 11 Answers. Relevance. Gerald J. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Favourite answer. It's the warmest month of the year in most parts of Thailand, so expect it to be hot, around 33-35 C during the day (91-95 F). You might get some thundershowers, but they're.

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And on Thailand's Eastern Seaboard, you can expect fine weather in Pattaya, Ko Samet and Ko Chang. March events and festivals in Thailand. Thailand celebrates its national animal on March 13 with the day designated as National Thai Elephant Day. Various elephant sanctuaries and zoos treat their pachyderms with banquets of fruit and sugar cane. Phuket Weather in May: May is similar to April, but rainfall increases to 350mm over 18 days, so if you plan to be here this month, expect some rain. The high nighttime temperatures (25°C to 29°C) and high average humidity of 85% can make the nights rather uncomfortable, but all of the major resorts have air-conditioning, and others have fans. The best Koh Chang weather is during the cool season of November to end of February when the average temperature hovers between 27°C to 30°C, the mid to high eighties Fahrenheit and it is around 20°C in the evenings. December drops down to nearer 15°C to 18°C at night, chillier than you might think and causing more than a few to sheepishly seek out an extra blanket

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I live here in Thailand and April is most defintely the hottest month of the year whether you're in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or the Phuket area. The weather will average around 35C in Bangkok during the day with lows around 26-27C, and it is the beginning of the rainy season, although not one of the wettest months, and humidity will be high Bangkok Weather in April: April is the hottest month in Bangkok, with the average high a sizzling 32°C - and, sometimes it can soar to around 37°C, making things especially miserable. With the humidity at around 70%, it can feel extremely muggy and sticky combined with the higher temperatures Average temperatures for April at cities throughout China are listed below in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can jump to a separate table for each section of the country: North China, Northeast China, East China, South Central China, Southwest China and Northwest China. The tables give the maximum and minimum monthly temperatures based on long-term historical weather data The average daily temperature in Hua Hin, Cha-Am and Pranburi is remarkably consistent throughout the year. It varies from a low of 25.6° Celsius in January to a high of 29.9° in April and May. There is a much greater variation in the amount of rain. The average is 4.1mm in January and slightly over 200mm in October and November

April brings wonderful weather to most Caribbean Islands. It is an in-between month, both for temperature and rainfall. But neither heat nor rainfall get extreme enough to spoil a vacation of relaxing and playing on the beach. Temperature. April temperatures are fairly consistent throughout the Caribbean, with pleasantly hot days and warm nights April is a fabulous month to visit Greece. The weather is delightfully sunny and has warmed sufficiently for sunbathing (finally, you can pack swimwear!). Flowers are in bloom. Shoulder-season prices still offer a bargain. And best yet? The crowds haven't yet arrived

5 Tips for Travelling Fiji in April. April falls in the tourist low season, so look out for great deals on flights and accommodation! Wear high-factor sunscreen to protect yourself from the high UV levels experienced in Fiji during April.; Because it's the wet season, there might be a few more mosquitoes about Sandy Ferguson, a travel specialist and Thailand native, told Conde Nast Traveler that the best time to travel is April and May, if you can stand the heat; avoid early April, when the New Year.

Thailand is known for its beautiful stretches of sand, stunning coastal scenery, world-class customer service and a wide range of luxury hotels. Enjoy a relaxing vacation with serene beaches and award-winning spas, or try some adventurous, kid-friendly sea kayaking, scuba diving and elephant trekking Severe weather, including strong winds was reported in Chok Chai district (Nakhon Ratchasima Province, north-east Thailand) on 5-6 April. According to media, at least 219 houses damaged, and.

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Asia - Thailand in March/April - How hot? - We are planning a two-week trip to Thailand the last week of March and first week of April to coincide with our childrens high school spring break, and. Phuket Weather in April. April is generally one of the hottest months in Phuket. The average temperature is approximately 24 - 34 degrees. Towards the end of the month there is a chance of some heavy but brief rain showers. Many visitors choose to visit Phuket in April to experience the Songkran Festival that is held on the 13th of April Islands: Thailand's west coast. Over on Thailand's west coast and the Andaman Sea - where you'll find the Thai islands of Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi - the optimum time for a beach holiday is slightly earlier, in December and January, when fresher weather, maximum sunshine and minimum rainfall combine to create the best climate for a beach holiday

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How is the weather in April? In April we usually expect only a third of the rainfall of March. Soyes, the sunny days have arrived. While March was still in-between rainy season and dry season, in April things have changed on Bali. Clean beaches, not too windy at the coast, sunny weather and the hotels filling up slowly Thailand + 1 more. Thailand Border Operation: RTG/MOI-UNHCR Verified Refugee Population (30 April 2021) Format Infographic Source. UNHCR; Posted 6 May 2021 Originally published 6 May 2021. The government of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha is facing mounting criticism for its handling of a surge that began in early April. Thailand recorded 2,112 new cases and 15 deaths on Wednesday

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