How to hang curtains over blinds without drilling

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Suspended Rods: This is another method of hanging curtains without drilling holes into the walls. Suspension of curtains from the walls will work especially well if you have higher windows where reaching to the top can be difficult. The suspension will also look natural, and can fit into your overall home decor with aplomb Hang your drapes without any nails, drills, or damage. How to install curtains over blinds that stick out (vertical blinds or outside mounted blinds) How to Install on Inside Mount Blinds. And did I mention you can do it lightning fast!?!?! No measuring, leveling, eyeballing, drilling wrong holes So so easy String your curtain on the curtain rod and hang it up. Run the curtain rod through the hoops at the top of your curtains and then hang it up again. Draw the curtains and let them sit for 1 hour to make sure the adhesive hooks can hold the weight Kwik-Hang is the fastest, easiest and most durable way to hang curtains without drilling. You can hang any type of window treatment, from sheers to heavy draperies. Price: Starting at $11.99 for a set at kwikhang.com Hang curtains over blinds. Great for blinds over sliding glass doors and other windows. No holes in the walls. Easy slip on brackets. Visit https://TNNBC.co

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How to Install Curtains without Drilling If you're looking into how to install blinds without drilling, then you're probably wondering the same thing about curtains as well. Even if your apartment already came with blinds installed, you still might want to hang up curtains for aesthetics, as well as light control Similar to stick on curtain rods, Command hooks are another answer to how to hang curtains without drilling into the wall. In fact, they even make some specifically for this purpose. All you need to do is hang a hook on either side of the window and pop a rod it, and you're done Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/3iKfO6lCompany Website:https://TNNBC.comThank you so much for watching! Please make sure you like, comment, and subscribe.FTC: S.. Opt for velcro for a no-drill option to attach stationary curtains. Wipe down the inside of the cornice that is covering your vertical blinds to remove any dust or grime. Attach one side of the velcro to the cornice and the other side to the top of the exterior of the curtains Can You Put Curtains Over Blinds? 5 Ideas on How To Adorn Curtains Over Blinds . The way you dress up your windows at home can make or break your room's design scheme. And to wandering eyes from the outside, it can alter their opinion. Blinds are those rare features in homes that help you block out sunlight while giving you more privacy

DO hang your curtains close to the ceiling. I'm sure you've heard it before, but here's your official reminder to always hang your curtain rods high and wide. If you hang your rods to look like they're hugging the window, it makes the window (and as a result, pretty much the entire room) feel smaller The NoNo Bracket is a specially engineered bracket that allows you to easily hang curtains and dramatically change the look of any room. The bracket attaches to your existing vertical blind head rail with ease. Attaches to outside mount vertical blinds. Fits up to a 1 inch curtain rod No Drilling No Hammering No Screws or Holes in the wall

You might ask yourself, how to hang curtains over vertical blinds without drilling? Are you too tired of exerting too much effort in hanging those curtains Here comes the step by step of the best way to hang curtains without damaging your walls Each hook comes with two sticky stripes, put them into place, on the back of the hook. Then measure where you want to hang your curtains. Put the curtains into place, on the pole If it's dry, crumbly plaster or a cinderblock wall that's preventing you from drilling holes, consider hanging your curtain rod from the ceiling instead. If you have high-set windows, like those in the home above from Elle Decoration featured on My Domaine, suspending curtains from the ceiling will look natural Hang curtains over faux wood blinds with the NoNo Bracket. Visit https://TNNBC.co Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets don't require any nails or screws. The brackets can hold up to 20 pounds and won't leave holes in your walls. See more from Kw..

Fit it with traditional curtain rings, clips or hooks for standard drapery, or hang tab-top, tie-top or grommet-style curtains. Hooked-and-Loop Tape Hook-and-loop tape comes in peel-and-stick and stitch-on options, and either kind works for hanging curtains without conventional hardware and screws Visit https://TNNBC.com to get yours. The NoNo Bracket is a specially engineered bracket that will allow you to easily hang curtains over vertical or mini b.. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to hang curtains without having to drill holes in your walls. You can use adhesive hooks or a tension rod to hang up curtains without a drill. Under rolled blinds are also known as reverse roll blinds and over rolled is sometimes called forward rolled Hanging Shades or Blinds Without Drilling Holes There are a bunch of different options for hanging shades and curtains, whether they are DIY or store-bought window treatments. We mounted a curtain rod with hardware for our curtains, but I didn't want to make any additional holes (especially in the window frame area) to hang the thermal. Command Hooks. Command hooks in all sorts of shapes and sizes are great for hanging lightweight curtains. Whether you use larger hooks to hold up rods or smaller hooks to hold up curtains with clips, these are a practical and easily removable solution

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The best way to hang curtains by yourself is to use an extendable rod. However, if you have a regular-sized window, this also works. Thread or slide the curtain fabric onto the rod extending it as far as you can manage, without the rod bending too far Mar 3, 2017 - Video of installation of curtain-clip to mini-blinds. Curtain-Clip.com Installation | Hang Curtains | No Nails, Screws or Tools | Hang Curtains like a Pro Qu.. Most blinds, however, involve lengthy installations, involving drills, screw, and hammers. If DIY is not your thing, then you can opt for some of the innovative solutions which allow you to mount blinds without screws. Clip-In Blinds. These blinds are designed to go with PVC double-glazing windows

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Likewise, people ask, how do you hang curtains over blinds without drilling? Here are four creative ways to hang curtains without drilling holes in your walls. Coat Hooks. Coat hooks are a surprisingly versatile tool. Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets. Command Hooks. Tension Rod Curtains. 5 Benefits of Using Tiebacks for Curtains and Drapes Rods hung from each door panel eliminate the problem, but there are only two types of rods that can be mounted to the doors without drilling holes in the doors: Magnetic rods self-adhere to metal french doors; tension rods suspend curtains from the window frame, provided the frame is thick enough If you already have installed blinds and are looking for blackout window treatments, then you might want to consider using a tension rod to install over or behind your existing blinds. There is no need to drill additional holes! How to Install Tension Rod Blinds. To mount your no drill rod tension blinds, follow these easy steps: Step 1 A no drill curtain rod holder is another perfect way to hang curtains without drilling holes in your wall. You can simply place these brackets on the top corners of your window frame and tap them in with a hammer, and you're done, the brackets come out just as easy as they go in with absolutely no damage left afterward on the wall

How To Hang Curtains Over Blinds Without Using Nails or A

  1. How to hang blinds without drilling. Learning how to put up blinds without a drill is one of the easiest DIY jobs. Just follow these simple steps: Clean. For best results, clean the surfaces you will be hanging your window blinds from, making sure they are free of dust, dirt and grease, then wipe dry. Cut
  2. How to hang curtains without holes using command hooks-great idea for renters or students who don't want to put holes in the walls! As a military family, we move a LOT. One of the big challenges we've faced over the years were limitations set by landlords when we were renting
  3. If the windows have wood frames on the sides and tops there is a piece of hardware that slides on to the top corners. It will allow you to hang two curtain rods. The only advantage over tension rods is that your curtains are covering the woodwork. Also the heavy duty removable velcro (Command hooks) may help you if you curtains are light enough
  4. 1. Use a Curtain Wire. A classic way to soften up the appearance of curtains without using cumbersome rods is by using a curtain wire. The curtain wire has the same function as that of the rod, but it requires smaller holes and maintains the integrity of the wall while creating a seamless look
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  1. IdeaWorks Instant Up Curtain Rod Holders - Curtain Rod Brackets No Drilling - Perfect for Hanging on Any Wall 3.6 out of 5 stars 792 $9.98 $ 9 . 98 $10.23 $10.2
  2. With no need for drilling or screws, the Caraselle paper blinds are the best way to upgrade your living space without spending a fortune. This product is the perfect alternative solution to conventional blinds and can be cut to size for all windows or doors with lengths up to 183cm
  3. Hang curtains in a rental apartment without having to drill and cause damage to your wall. You can also avoid to patch and paint by using Labrico 2×4 Adjuster brackets. Stand a vertical timber post either side of a window then fasten the curtain brackets onto the verticals posts, NOT the wall
  4. Hang Curtains Without Drilling or Damaging the Wall: Without damaging and putting holes in the wall, you can hang curtains or blockout / blackout blinds. If you are a renter like me, it has been a great solution. It keeps the Landlord happy!To install curtains without using screws or nails into the w
  5. We live in an apartment so drilling holes in the walls to hang curtains or pictures is a big no-no unless you don't care about getting that deposit check back at the end of your lease. When we moved in I desperately wanted to put curtains/drapes up and I had to find a way to do so without breaking the landlord's rules
  6. Simply so, how do you hang curtains over horizontal blinds without drilling? Here are four creative ways to hang curtains without drilling holes in your walls. Coat Hooks. Coat hooks are a surprisingly versatile tool. Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets. Command Hooks. Tension Rod Curtains. 5 Benefits of Using Tiebacks for Curtains and Drapes

Some blinds come with tension rods. Tension rods blinds are now available in a variety of designs, like roller shades, Roman Shades, blackout blinds, and so on. These blinds are a great option if you wish to add a new blind behind or on top of an existing window treatment, like curtains How to Put Curtains on a Front Door Without Drilling. Putting a curtain rod on a front door does not mean you must drill holes into the metal. You can purchase a ready-made magnetic rod to hang. Hang Curtains Over Vertical Blinds / An Easy Way to Hide Vertical Blinds | Vertical blinds / Once you measure for your curtains and pick out the ones you like best, it won't take you long to hang them up and totally change the look of the room.. Find a curtain rod that jets out two to four more inches past blind brackets

Easy Ways to Hang Curtains Without Drilling: 15 Step

How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling By Fiona Fearey Things You'll Need. Tape measure. Curtains. Tension rod. Tension rods don't require drilling holes in walls. Moving into a dorm or a new apartment presents an exciting opportunity to decorate a space to fit your tastes. Unfortunately, many landlords and management companies have restrictions. To hang curtains on your French doors without drilling holes, you can use a Kwik-Hang bracket or a magnetic rod. Place the brackets or ends of the rod at the top corners of the window frame on your door and bump them into place carefully with a hammer or a small rubber mallet Hanging curtain rods is fairly simple and you don't need many tools to do it. This quick guide is designed to help you learn how to hang curtain rods in drywall, but the same basic process applies, with only minor variations, if you're mounting your hardware on another surface Different Ways to Hang Your Window Curtains Without Drilling. Put your rotary tool and also spackle apart. Below are 4 creative ways to hang curtains without drilling holes in your wall surfaces. 1. Cover Hooks. Jacket hooks are an amazingly functional tool. Securing waterproofs and also bags, they can likewise be used to dangle drapes Save time and effort in hanging your curtains when you use a kwik-hang bracket, magnetic rods, and other lightweight rod alternatives. Learning how to hang curtains on french doors without drilling holes is essential, especially if you are a home renter. Holes, in general, can also ruin the wall's appearance

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Renters have several options when it comes to hanging curtains without drilling or nailing. Some of them require adhesive, while others rely on tension. When making your decision, you'll need to think about the weight that the rail will have to bear, and the stress you'll be placing on the rail when you open and close the blind or curtain Or, like in the previous step, take a few stems out of each of the blinds and tie their threads together. Two bamboo blinds tied together Attaching the blinds to the window without screws. The most interesting part was to attach the blinds to the window without screws or glue. I`ve bought a 9 m (approx. 30′) linen ribbon, cut it into 4 even. How can I hang curtains in my bedroom without drilling or nailing? My husband and I rent our apartment, and the light coming through our bedroom miniblinds is terrible. I want to put curtains over it, but I'm not supposed to drill or nail anything in. I need something that's not permanent Despite your reason for dislike of drilling, you can still hang curtain rods to your walls using other means. It shouldn't hinder you from enjoying the benefits of having curtains to your windows. It shouldn't hinder you from enjoying the benefits of having curtains to your windows I have lace curtains I want to put up, but I have no idea how. I went and found some tension rods from Home Depot, but the longest ones were 4 feet wide. Help! Are there other alternative options for hanging curtains (without drilling into the wall)? I have blinds but want to leave them open for light, but still have a little privacy

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How to Install Window Blinds without Drilling

  1. Advantages of Not Drilling Holes to Hang Curtains. Why should you hang curtains without drilling holes? There are many reasons why you may want to go down that route. First, it's a very simple way to hang curtains and you can do it yourself without calling a professional. That also lowers the cost of hanging net curtains, which is always a plus
  2. How to install roller blinds on plastic windows without drilling. Among the most effective sun protection systems occupy a special place roller blinds. They are fixed on the windows with screws. This ensures their long, reliable service. However, not all owners want to injure their plastic windows. From the screws remain deep holes
  3. They are so small and not sure whether to go for Blinds, short or long curtains. I certainly could put a curtain over the Hanging curtains without drilling into the walls. Answer + 14. Answered
  4. Hanging curtains is most likely one of the tortures in a level of hell. The measurements, the leveling, the drilling, and the mounting all take up time and effort at awkward angles and heights. The worst part about hanging a curtain rod is that the brackets will leave holes in the wall. How do you hang a curtain rod without brackets
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Blinds without drilling; Blinds without drilling. Posted on 24th July 2018 22nd May 2020 by Phil Coleman. We are getting ask more and more for blinds without drilling. Mostly in nice new shiny conservatories where there is a concern about guarantees etc. But are now getting requests for blinds inside the home I have installed the small orb toned rods and it looked really nice bc the door handles were the same. Your other option is to hang curtains over the door and extend to just past the door so they are mounted to the wall and pull over the doors for privacy, but thats a pain when you need to get to the door you need to pull the curtains away Sep 28, 2019 - Here I show you how you can hang curtains without drilling holes by fixing a curtain pole to a wooden batten. The batten is first glued using Sticks-Like-Sh*t

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  1. Hang curtains without drilling hang curtains without drilling er friendly way of hanging curtains hang curtains without making holes. Pics of : Can You Hang Up Curtains Without Drilling Holes. Easy Ways To Hang Curtains Without Drilling 15 Step
  2. The best tape to hang blinds without screws. 42 Here are four creative ways to hang curtains without drilling holes in your walls. 30′) linen ribbon, cut it into 4 even pieces. No drill blinds, also known as Perfect Fit blinds or INTU blinds, are easy to mount without using any power tools or even screws
  3. How To Put Up Curtains Blinds Ideas Advice Diy At B Q on upvc windows everbrite doors net curtain flexi track rod for bay windows upto 475cm 187 can be cut to size how to hang curtains without drilling holes in your wall up blog kwik how to use a net curtain wire voila voile
  4. While probably the most practical window treatment solution for large areas such as sliding doors, they are not easy to cover with curtains because of the depth of their valances. This is a guide about hanging curtains over vertical blinds
  5. Window blinds are an essential addition to any home. They are perfect for controlling the light and heat from outside, all while adding a touch of sophistication. It may seem like an impossible feat, but it is possible to hang blinds without the drilling of holes
  6. Step 6: Hang the Curtains. Secondly, how do you hang curtains without a rod? Cute Ways to Hang Curtains Without a Rod. Hooks and Knobs. Mount hooks or knobs in a row above your window, either on a backing board or directly on the wall, and use them to hang curtains fitted with grommets, tab- or tie-tops, buttonholes or tab-backs

Kwik-Hang Brackets . These brackets offer an easy way of hanging curtains without the use of a drill. Kwik-Hang brackets have right and left corner edges at the bottom of which there are two sharp pins. This helps to place the rod on the trim's top. Just hammer the pins in place after setting the bracket on the left and right corners and hang. Curtains Without Holes Curtains Without Drilling Installing Curtain Rods Branch Curtain Rods Hanging Curtain Rods Window Hanging Curtains Over Blinds Hang Curtains Lined Curtains More information People also love these idea

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  1. Find a way to hang the curtains or drapes in your room without drilling holes in the walls or using a curtain rod by using these clever hacks and creative curtain rod alternatives. Dressing windows can add sunshade, privacy, and a splash of color to your room. To hang window treatments, we often resort to using the curtain rod. Store-bought.
  2. Blinds & Shades: Blinds and shades hang either from the very top of the window frame or just above it and pull all the way down in one sheet. The challenge with curtains is how to match them to the overall design of a room, and it might prove quite tricky to match it with the rug
  3. The easiest way to hang curtains to hang curtains without making holes 8 clever window treatment solutions for to hang curtains using mand hooks tons of curtain hanging a quick The Best Way To Hang Curtains Without Drilling PackmahomeEasy Ways To Hang Curtains Without Drilling 15 SHow To Hang Curtains Without Making Holes In The
  4. Drill a pilot hole, smaller than the screw, first to prevent any cracking of wood (and it's the right way to do it regardless). These small holes will be easy to fill and paint over if you need to in the future, but 99% of blinds all hang the same way and chances are whatever you put in there will cover the old holes anyhow
  5. I ordered my first shade to try it out, after having to fix holes in the window casings from previously installed blinds. I just ordered my second shade because the first one was unbelievably easy to install, can be removed and reinstalled without tools or drilling holes, and the quality is excellent
  6. i blinds are made of vinyl or alu
  7. Blinds without screwsno holes no drilling. Blinds without screwsno holes no drilling. Posted on 24th July 2018 25th March 2021 by Phil Coleman. We are getting ask more and more for blinds without screws. Mostly in nice new shiny conservatories where there is a concern about guarantees etc. But are now getting requests for blinds inside.

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MEASUREMENT #2. Decide how high you want to hang your rod. The general rule is t o mount the rod anywhere between halfway to two thirds between the top of the window frame and the ceiling or ceiling molding.; You can even go closer to your moldings for maximum impact - 3/4″ from the bottom of the molding tends to look good STOP Making Wall Holes While Hanging Curtains & Drapes: I don't like making holes in the wall unless it's necessary because they're such eyesores.It's sort of tedious to patch up holes and paint over them, especially if you rent.And who knows what color paint you used, if you ever remember.Thankfully th Curtains Over Blinds Grey Blinds Patio Blinds Modern Blinds Outdoor Blinds Bamboo Blinds Fabric Blinds Hanging Curtains Blinds For Windows Smart rods twist and shout no drill how to install a curtain rod with the easiest way to hang curtains 5 creative curtain rod alternatives hanging curtains without drilling holes Easy Ways To Hang Curtains Without Drilling 15 SThe Best Way To Hang Curtains Without Drilling PackmahomeHow To Hang Curtains Without Making Holes In The [ Easily hang curtains and dramatically change the look of any room by attaching this bracket to your outside mounted vertical blinds. * Specially Engineered for Blind Attachment * Outside mounted vertical blind head rail attachment * Fits 1 inch curtain rod * 1.5 - 2 inch Adjustment Range * No Brackets to screw in the wall * No Drill curtain Rod Bracket design

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To hang curtains without drilling to hang curtains without making holes to hang curtains without drilling to hang curtains without drilling holes. The Best Way To Hang Curtains Without Drilling Packmahome How To Hang Curtains Without Making Holes In The Wall Interior Design Wonderhowt Once you have fixed the curtain brackets at the right places, you can now put your curtains on the rod. And, then place the rod on the brackets along with the curtains. How to Hang Curtains Without Rod. While the normal method of hanging curtains includes drilling, screwing, etc To hang curtains without drilling to hang curtains without making holes to hang curtains without drilling to hang curtains without drilling. The Best Way To Hang Curtains Without Drilling Packmahome How To Hang Curtains Without Making Holes In The Wall Interior Design Wonderhowt Not getting them in one place could interfere with your work and could distract you. To install the blinds you need a pencil for making markings, and a drill or a screwdriver. But since you are mounting these blinds on a metal frame you must use a drill instead of a screwdriver. Step 3 The brackets have to be placed over both ends of the blinds I do have a regular curtain rod, but am in sunny Florida with the sun burning a hole across the back of my house all day. Wanted an additional layer of protection and because I rent, I did not want to drill extra holes. The cafe brackets are very light and I have them at the top of the inside of the window, hanging downward

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We have a conservatory that measures 3 metres by 4 metres. We want to put up curtains or maybe blinds but are aware that as soon as we drill any whole in the PVCu frame we invalidate the warranty. We do not have the funds to get a company into do it so would like to know how we fix things up and where is a good place to find the parts to do it Hang curtains from your blinds without damaging your wall. SHOP NOW. Brackets that change with your needs. The only product versatile enough to allow you to hang a curtain rod from inside mounted blinds, outside mounted blinds, and even the wall! SEE HOW EASY THEY ARE TO INSTALL Fortunately, there are ways to hang art and decor on both surfaces without leaving any holes at all. Mounting on Brick. If your grout is recessed, meaning the bricks poke slightly out over the.

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Curtains over Venetian blinds If you have windows in a room that are at different heights, simply hang one window treatment higher to match the other. Making multiple patterns work. Follow our tips to make more than one pattern in a room work very well Last fall we shared our trick for hanging affordable Ikea curtains so they look a lot more expensive than their $14 price tag per panel would suggest (across an entire house you can save thousands with that trick & these curtains alone!!). But since we were just replacing our old bedroom curtains when we wrote that post, we skipped the crucial step of actually hanging the curtain rods themselves How to fit conservatory blinds to plastic and PVC windows without drilling or screwing. In the DIY guide we give you a run down on the different types of blinds that are available for uPVC plastic conservatories and windows including venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds and roman blinds So now you can put the curtain rings onto the rods to hang the curtains. I decided to make this it's own step because there are a couple of ways to use these curtain rings (+ my hanging curtain hack). The great thing about these IKEA SYRLIG rings is that they give you 2 hanging options. AND they are only $4.99/pack of 10! So I decided to DIY it and forgo buying a drill. Best of all? Hanging curtains without drilling into the wall is remarkably easy and doesn't cost too much. If my method doesn't work for you, you've got plenty of other options. You also could use tension rods. Yes, the same ones that you use to hang a shower curtain

You can also use curtain rods that work through tension, but these will only work if your drapery is lightweight. If you want to hang outdoor curtains without drilling holes, tension rods are the way to go. This method is especially helpful for patios with columns made of stone or brick Blinds. Roman or vertical shades are another popular idea, they can be of different colors and patterns. Choose shades that match your room décor, and when you don't need them, just make them up. Bamboo shades will add a textural look to the room décor, and they are often used together with curtains, so this contrasting a stylish look will add to any room décor Another way to hang curtains without nails, screws holes or tools is with the curtain clip! If you have mini-blinds, you can use these miracle clips to hang curtains like a pro in under 2 minutes. Check it out How are curtains supposed to be hung? Is there a proper way to hang a curtain pole, the actual curtains, and other accessories? The answer is yes! If you put them too high, it would look awkward in your room and if you hang them too low, the hem of the curtain would gather [ Drill your pilot holes to find out the material of the wall you're drilling into, and select your fasteners accordingly. Attach your brackets, thread the rod through the curtain, and place it on the brackets. Well done! Now, a lot of people want to know how to hang curtains without drilling, and there are two reasons for that

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Kwik-Hang brackets offer another easy way to hang your curtains without having to drill. Unlike regular brackets, Kwik-Hang brackets are designed with left and right corner edges. The bottom of each edge features two, sharp pins, so when placed on top of the trim, the brackets can easily be tapped into place Get tips and tricks for hanging curtains to make them look like custom drapes without the expense. Learn how high to hang curtains, tips about curtain lengths, and so much more! This post was originally published on August 18, 2017 and updated January 9, 2021 with new details Borrow a drill (corded, cordless, hand crank, whatever) and some bits. You probably need 1/16 or 3/32 bits. Those are pretty small, so don't put too much pressure on them. Use low RPM's. If you can't get any drill bits, you can make one out of a metal coat hanger. Just cut a short straight section, and make a cutting tip on one end Jul 27, 2016 - This is all about curtains and the different types. We have detailed how to guides. We absolutely love drapes. See more ideas about curtains, hanging curtains, hanging curtain rods


The twist and fit curtain rods give an impression of a hook and a detached rod while it's all one piece. Conclusion. Using Curtain rod brackets is a common way of hanging your curtains without drilling holes on your wall. There are quite a number, some mentioned above, ways of hanging your curtains without hole drilling Roller blinds can be supplied with or without fishing line. Both models are easy to install and practical to use. Stretched along the edges of the line keeps the canvas on the window frame exactly and does not allow it to move and rise from the bottom up when the wind gusts How To Hang Curtains Without Making Holes In The Wall how to hang curtain on aluminum door is important information accompanied by photo and HD pictures sourced from all websites in the world. Download this image for free in High-Definition resolution the choice download button below Tags: how to hang curtains over blinds, how to hang curtains over blinds in an apartment, how to hang curtains over blinds that stick out, how to hang curtains over blinds without drilling, how to hang curtains over blinds without rods, how to install curtains, how to install curtains in a rental, how to install curtains in an apartment, how to.

How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling Into Walls

If the curtain rod comes with hardware at all, it's usually cheap soft metal that starts stripping even if my bit doesn't slip. So I bought a set of plastic anchors at Lowe's. The first try, the drill bit that came with the anchors was too big and I could pull screw and all out of the wall Measure over to the centre of the frame where you'd like the blinds to meet, make a pencil mark, then measure from there over to the centre of the next frame or to the wall. Top Tip : Stick a little masking tape to the frame where you want to make a mark, so you're not getting marks on the window frame

hang curtains without drilling holes | jamie's home blog100+ EPIC Best Can You Put Curtains Over Blinds | DecorHanging Curtain Rods Close To Ceiling In Plaster Lath And
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